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Last Name Playwright First Name Name of Play # of Copies
Abbott & Bissell George & Richard The Pajamia Game 1
Abbott & Merrill George & Bob New Girl In Town 1
Abbott & Wallop George & Douglaass Damn Yankees 1
Ableman Paul Green Julia 1
Aeschylus Prometheus Bound 1
Aeschylus The Horse 1
Aeschylus The Oresteia 2
Afinogenov Alexander Listen, Professor! 1
Albee Edward All Over 1
Albee Edward Box 1
Albee Edward Quotations From Mao Tse-Tung 1
Albee Edward Seascape 1
Albee Edward The goat 1
Albee Edward The play about the baby 1
Albee Edward Tiny Alice 1
Allen Jay Forty Carats 1
Allen Woody Play It Again, Sam 2
Allen Ralph G. Sugar Babies 1
Allen Woody The Floating Light Bulb 1
Anderson Maxwell Bad Seed 1
Anderson Maxwell Elizabeth The Queen 1
Anderson Robert I Never Sang For My Father 1
Anderson Robert Silent Night, Lonely Night 1
Anderson Robert Solitaire & Double Solitaire 1
Anderson Robert Tea and Sympathy 3
Anderson Maxwell The Eve Of St. Mark 2
Anderson Sherwood Winesburg, Ohio 1
Anouilh Jean Antigone 1
Anouilh Jean The Lark 1
Anouilh Jean The Waltz of the Toreadors 1
Anouilh Jean Thieves' Carnival 1
Anouilh Jean Time Remembered 1
Archibald William The Innocents 1
Arden John Left-Handed Liberty 1
Arden John Serjeant Musgrave's Dance 1
Aristophanes Lysistrata 1
Aristophanes The Birds 1
Arrabal The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria 1
Ashman Howard Little Shop of Horrors 2
Athayde Roberto Miss Margarida's Way 2
Atkin Flora Tarradiddle Tales and Tarradiddle Travels 2
Ayckbourn Alan A Small Family Business 1
Ayckbourn Alan Absent Friends 1
Ayckbourn Alan Absurd Person Singular 3
Ayckbourn Alan Bedroom Farce 1
Ayckbourn Alan Communicating doors 1
Ayckbourn Alan How the Other Half Lives 1
Ayckbourn Alan Intimate Exchanges 1
Ayckbourn Alan Just Between Ourselves 2
Ayckbourn Alan The Norman Conquests 1
Ayckbourn Alan Woman In Mind 3
Bagnold Enid The Chalk Garden 1
Baitz Jon The Film Society 1
Baitz Jon The Substance of Fire 2
Balderston John L. Berkeley Square 1
Baldwin James Blues For Mister Charlie 2
Ballard Fred Ladies of the Jury 1
Baron Jeff Visiting Mr. Green 1
Barry Julian Lenny 2
Barry P.J. The Octette Bridge Club 1
Barton John The Hollow Crown 1
Bayer Eleanor Third Best Sport 1
Behan Brendan Borstal Boy 1
Behan Brendan Richard's Cork Leg 1
Behan Brendan The Cold Wind and the Warm 1
Behan Brendan The Quare Fellow & The Hostage 2
Behrman S.N. 2nd Man 1
Behrman S.N. Biography 1
Behrman S.N. End of Summer 1
Behrman S.N. Rain From Heaven 1
Behrman & Logan S.N. & Joshua Fanny 1
Bellow Saul The Last Analysis 1
Benedict Stewart H. Your own thing and twelfth night 1
Benton Bob School laws of iowa 1
Bergman Andrew Social Security 2
Berlin Irving Annie get your gun 2
Bernard Kenneth Mary Jane 1
Bernard Kenneth Night Club 1
Bernard Kenneth The Giants in the Earth 1
Bernard Kenneth The Lovers 1
Bernard Kenneth The Moke-Eater 1
Bernard Kenneth The Monkeys of the Organ Grinder 1
Besoyan Rick Little Mary Sunshine 1
Betti Ugo Crime on Goat Island 1
Betti Ugo Landslide 1
Betti Ugo Struggle Till Dawn 1
Betti Ugo The Fugitive 1
Bishop John The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 2
Blank Jessica The Exonerated 1
Blessing Lee A Walk in the Woods 1
Bolt Robert A Man For All Seasons 1
Bolt Robert Vivat! Vivat Regina! 2
Bolton Guy Girl crazy 1
Bond Edward Saved 1
Bowen John After The Rain 1
Bowen Elizabeth Anthony Trollope 1
Bradbury Ray The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit 1
Brady Michael To Gillian on her 37th Birthday 1
Bramble Mark Barnum 1
Bramble Mark Barnum 1
Brecht Bertolt Galileo 1
Brecht Bertolt The Caucasian Chalk Circle 1
Brecht Bertolt The Good Woman of Setzuan 1
Brecht Bertolt The rise and fall of the city of mahagonny 1
Brenton Howard Pravda 2
Brighouse Harold Hobson's Choice 1
Brooke D.D. Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon 1
Brown Dee Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee 1
Buchner George Danton's Death 1
Buchner George Lenz 1
Buchner George Leonce and Lena 1
Buchner George The Hessian Messenger 1
Buchner George Woyzeck 1
Buchwald Art Counting Sheep 1
Buckner Robert Yankee Doodle Dandy 1
Buechner George Danton's Death 1
Buechner Georg Woyzeck and Leonce and Lena 1
Byrne John The Slab Boys 2
Calderon Pedro Life Is a Dream 1
Camus Albert Caligula 1
Camus Albert Stage of Siege 1
Camus Albert The Just Assassins 1
Camus Albert The Misunderstanding 1
Camus Albert The Possessed 2
Capote Truman The Glass Harp 1
Carlino John Lewis Cages 1
Carriere Jean-Claude The Mahabharata 1
Casademont Joan Maids of Honor 1
Chase Mary Harvey 3
Chayefsky Paddy Gideon 1
Chayefsky Paddy Middle of the Night 2
Chekhov Anton 3 Sisters 1
Chekhov Anton A Marriage Proposal 2
Chekhov Anton The Cherry Orchard 8
Chekhov Anton The Sea Gull 1
Chekhov Anton Uncle Vanya 1
Chikamatsu The Battle of Coxinga 1
Chikamatsu The Love Suicides at Amijima 1
Chikamatsu The Love Suicides at Sonezaki 1
Chikamatsu The Uprooted Pine 1
Chodorov Jerome Anniversary Waltz 1
Chorpenning Charlotte Rumpelstiltskin 1
Chorpenning Charlotte The Prince and The Pauper 1
Christe Agatha Appointment with Death 1
Christe Agatha Go Back for Murder 1
Christe Agatha Ten Little Indians 1
Christe Agatha The Hollow 1
Christe Agatha Towards Zero 1
Christe Agatha Verdict 1
Christe Agatha Witness for the Prosecution 1
Christie Agatha The Mousetrap 1
Christopher Durang The Marriage of Bette & Boo 1
Churchill Caryl Cloud Nine 1
Churchill Caryl Top Girls 2
Clark Brian Whose Life Is It Anyway 1
Cocteau Les Parents Terribles-Indiscretions 1
Cohan George The Tavern 1
Colby Michael Charlotte Sweet 1
Colker Jerry 3 Guys naked from waist down 1
Comden Betty A Doll's Life 1
Comden Betty Applause 2
Comden Betty On the Twentieth century 1
Comden & Green Betty & Adolph Bellsare Ringing 1
Congreve William The Way of the World 1
Corneille Pierre Horatius 2
Corneille Pierre The Illusion 1
Corwin Norman The World of Carl Sandburg 2
Coward Noel Blithe Spirit 2
Coward Noel Nude With Violin 1
Coward Noel Oh Coward 1
Coward Noel Present Laughter 1
Coward Noel Private Lives 2
Coward Noel Quadrille 1
Cowen Ron Summertree 1
Crane David Personals 1
Cristofer Michael The Shadow Box 1
Crowley Mart A Breeze From the Gulf 1
Crowley Mart The Boys In The Band 1
Crump Owen Southern Exposure 1
Cryer Gretchen Im getting my act together and taking it on the road 1
Cullen Alan Niccolo and Nicollette 13
Davies Mary Carolyn The Slaves With Two Faces 1
Davis Bill C. Mass Appeal 2
Dayton Katharine First Lady 1
De Musset Alfred Camille and Perdican 1
de Vega Lope Fuenteovejuna 1
de Vega Lope Justice without Revenge 1
de Vega Lope Peribanez 1
de Vega Lope The Dog in the Manger 1
de Vega Lope The Knight from Olmedo 1
Dean Phillip Hayes Paul Robeson 1
DeLillo Don The Day Room 2
Denker Henry A Far Country 1
Devine Jerry The Amorous Flea 3
DiFusco John Tracers 2
Diggs Elizabeth Close Ties 2
DiLeo Peter Paging A One Misplaced Eyebrow 1
DiLeo Peter The Last American 2
Dorfman Ariel Death and the Maiden 1
Dryden John All for Love 1
du Maurier Daphne September Tide 1
Duerrenmatt Friedrich The Visit 1
Dulack Tom Breaking Legs 1
Dunlop Frank Scapino! 2
Durang Christopher A history of the american film 1
Durang Christopher Baby with the Bathwater 1
Durang Chistopher Betty's Summer vacation 1
Duras Marguerite Hiroshima Mon Amour 1
Durrenmatt Friedrich Play Strindberg 1
Durrenmatt Friedrich The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi 1
Edgar David The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 1
Edson Margaret Wit 5
Elder Lonne Ceremonies in Dark Old Men 1
Eliot Samuel A Christmas Miracle Play 1
Eliot T.S. Murder in the Cathedral 1
Eliot T.S. The Cocktail Party 1
Eliot T.S. The Confidential Clerk 1
Ephron Phoebe Take Her, She's Mine 1
Etherege Sir George The Man of Mode 1
Euripides Helen 1
Euripides Hippolytus 1
Euripides Medea 2
Feibleman Peter Tiger Tiger Burning Bright 1
Feiffer Jules Little Murders 1
Ferber Edna Stage Door 2
Fetters Richard the scratch pad 1
Feydeau Georges A Flea in Her Ear 2
Feydeau Georges Caught with his Trance Down 1
Feydeau Georges Fit to be Tired 1
Feydeau Georges Laides Man 1
Feydeau Georges Mixed Doubles 1
Feydeau Georges Romance in A Flat 1
Feydeau Georges The Boor Hug 1
Feydeau Georges Toon and Consequesnces 1
Feydeau Georges Wooed and Viewed 1
Fields Joseph My Sister Eileen 1
Fields & Chodorov Joseph & Jerome The Ponder Heart 1
Fierstein Harvey La Cage aux folles 1
Fierstein Harvey Safe Sex 2
Fierstein Harvey Torch Song Trilogy 2
Finch Robert The Swan 1
Finn William March of the Falsettos 1
Finn William The Marvin Songs 1
Fletcher Lucille Night Watch 1
Foote Horton Convicts 2
Foote Horton Courtship, Valentine's Day, 1918 2
Foote Horton Lily Dale 2
Foote Horton Roots In A Parched Ground 2
Foote Horton The Window Claire 2
Foote Horton The Young Man From Atlanta 1
Ford Joan Goldilocks 3
Foreman Richard Benita Canova 1
Foreman Richard Paradise Hotel 1
Foreman Richard Pearls for a pig 1
Foreman Richard Permanent Brain Damage 1
Foreman Richard Permanent Brain Damage uncut 1
Foreman Richard The Universe 1
Fornes Maria A Viestnamese Wedding 1
Fornes Maria Dr. Kheal 1
Fornes Maria Molly's Dream 1
Fornes Maria Promenade 1
Fornes Maria Tango Palace 1
Fornes Maria The Red Burning Light 1
Fornes Maria The Successful Life 1
Foster Paul Tom Paine 1
Frayn Michael Benefactors 1
Frayn Michael Copenhagen 1
Frayn Michael Wild Honey 1
Freed Donald Inquest 2
Friedman Bruce steambath 2
Friel Brian Crystal and Fox 1
Friel Brian Molly Sweeney 1
Friel Brian Philadelphia, Here I Come 1
Friel Brian Wonderful Tennessee 1
Frisch Max Biography A Game 1
Frisch Max The Chinese Wall 1
Fry Christopher The Bible 1
Fugard Athol My Childern! My Africa 2
Fugard Athol The Road To Mecca 2
Fuller Charles A Soldier's Play 1
Fuller Charles Zooman and The Sign 1
Galati Frank The Grapes of Wrath 1
Gardener Herb Conversations With My Father 1
Gardener Dorothy Eastward In Eden 1
Gardener Herb I'm Not Rappaport 2
Garson Barbara Mac Bird! 1
Gay John The Beggar's Opera 1
Gaynor Charles Lend an ear 1
Gelbart Larry City of angles 1
Genet Jean The Screens 1
George Charles The Merry Widow 1
Gershe Leonard Butterflies Are Free 2
Gibbs Wolcott Season in the Sun 1
Gibson William A Cry Of Players 2
Gibson Milissa Sic 1
Gibson William The Miracle Worker 1
Giovanni Paul The Crucifier of Blood 2
Giraudoux Jean Duel of Angels 1
Giraudoux Jean Tiger at the Gates 2
Goethe johann Faust 2
Goggin Dan Nunsense 1
Gogol Nikolai The Inspector General 1
Goodman Kenneth Dust of the Road 1
Goodrich Frances The Diary of Anne Frank 9
Gordon Ruth Over Twenty-One 1
Gordon Ruth Years Ago
Gordone Charles No Place To Be Somebody 1
Gorey Edward Goery Stories 1
Grael Barry Alan The streets of new york 1
Gray Simon Butley 1
Gray Amlin How I Got That Story 2
Gray Simon Otherwise Engaged 2
Gray Simon Quartermaine's Terms 3
Gray Simon Stage Struck 1
Gray Simon The Common Pursuit 3
Gray Simon The Rear Column, Dog Days, and other Plays 1
Green Paul Hymn to the Rising Sun 1
Green Paul In Abraham's Bosom 1
Green Carolyn Janus 1
Green Paul Johnny Johnson 1
Green Paul The House of Connelly 1
Green Paul White Dresses 1
Greenberg Richard Eastern Standard 1
Greenberg Richard Take me out 1
Greene Patterson Papa Is All 1
Greene Graham The Potting Shed 1
Gregory Lady The Workhouse Ward 1
Griffin Tom The Boys Next Door 1
Griffiths Trevor Comedians 1
Guare John A few stout individuals 1
Guare John Four Baboons Adoring the Sun and Other Plays 1
Guare John Kissing Sweet and A Day For Suprises 1
Guare John Lake Hollywood 1
Guare John Landscape of the Body 1
Guare John Six Degrees of Seperation 1
Guare John The House of Blue Leaves 1
Gurare John Bosoms and Neglect 1
Gurare John Two Gentlemen of Verona 1
Gurney A.R Another Antigone 2
Gurney Jr. A.R. Love Letters 1
Gurney Jr. A.R. Scenes from American Life 2
Gurney Jr. A.R. Sweet Sue 2
Gurney Jr. A.R. The Cocktail Hour 2
Gurney Jr. A.R. The Dining Room 2
Gurney Jr. A.R. The Old Boy 1
Gurney Jr. A.R. The Perfect Party 1
Gurney Jr. A.R. The Snow Ball 1
Hagan James One Sunday Afternoon 1
Hampton Christopher The Philanthropist 1
Hanff Helene 84 Charing Cross Road 1
Hansberry Lorraine A Raisin In The Sun 1
Harburg E.Y Finian's Rainbow 1
Hare David A Map of the World 1
Hare David Fanshen 1
Hare David Plenty 1
Hare David Saigon 1
Hare David Skylight 1
Harman Barry Olympus on my mind 1
Harman Barry Romance Romance 2
Harnick Sheldon The Apple Tree 1
Harris Aurand Ride a Blue Horse 1
Hart Moss George Washington Slept Here 12
Hart Moss You Can't Take It With You 1
Harwood Ronald Taking sides 1
Harwood Ronald The Dresser 2
Hathcer Jeffrey Murder by poe 1
Hathcer Jeffrey Three Viewings 1
Hauptman William Big River 1
Hauptmann Gerhart Draymann Henschel 1
Hauptmann Gerhart Hannele 1
Hauptmann Gerhart Rose Bernd 1
Hauptmann Gerhart The Beaver Coat 1
Hauptmann Gerhart The Weavers 1
Hayes Joseph The Desperate Hours 1
Hebbel Friedrich Maria Magdalena 1
Heffner Hubert The Nature of Drama 1
Heifner Jack Vanities 1
Hellman Lillian Candide 2
Hellman Lillian Days to Com 1
Hellman Lillian Montserrat 1
Hellman Lillian My Mother My Father and Me 1
Hellman Lillian The Autumn Garden 1
Hellman Lillian The Children's Hour 1
Hellman Lillian The Lark 1
Hellman Lillian The Little Foxes 1
Hellman Lillian The Searching Wind 1
Hellman Lillian Toys in the Attic 1
Hellman Lillian Watch on the Rhine 1
Henley Beth Crimes of the Heart 1
Henley Beth The Miss Firecracker Contest 2
Herbert Dorothy Annie get your gun 1
Herlihy Ames Leo Blue Denim 1
Hill Canterbury Tales 1
Hirson Roger O. Pippin 1
Hoffman William M. As Is 2
Holbrook Marion A Painting for the Duchess 1
Holm John Three Men On a Horse 1
Holmes Rupert The Mystery Of Edwin Drood 2
Hopkins John Find Your Way Home 1
Hopwood Avery Gold Diggers of 1933 1
Horne Kenneth Two Dozen Red Roses 1
Horovitz Israel A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley 1
Horovitz Israel A Rosen by Any Other Name 1
Horovitz Israel Henry Lumper 1
Horovitz Israel North Shore Fish 1
Horovitz Israel Park Your Car in Havard Yard 1
Horovitz Israel The Chopin Playoff 2
Horovitz Israel The Widow's Blind Date 2
Horovitz Israel Today, I am a Fountain Pen 2
Houghton Norris Romeo and Joliet West side story 1
Howard Sidney Yellow Jack 1
Howe Tina Approaching Zanzibar 2
Howe Tina Coastal Disturbances 1
Howe Tina Museum 2
Howe Tina Painting Churches 2
Howe Tina Pride's Crossing 1
Howe Tina The Art of Dining 2
Huxley Aldous The Gioconda Smile 1
Hwang David Fob 1
Ibsen Henrik A Doll's House 1
Ibsen Henrik An Enemy of the People 1
Ibsen Henrik Brand 1
Ibsen Henrik Ghosts 1
Ibsen Henrik Hedda Gabler 1
Ibsen Henrik Peer Gynt 1
Ibsen Henrik Pillars of the Community 1
Ibsen Henrik Rosmersholm 1
Ibsen Henrik The Lady From the Sea 1
Ibsen Henrik The League of Youth 1
Ibsen Henrik The Master Builder 1
Ibsen Henrik The Wild Duck 1
Iizuka Naomi Language of Angels 10
Inge William Bus Stop 1
Inge William Come Back Little Sheba 1
Inge William The Dark at the Top of the Staris 1
Ionesco Eugene Exit the King 1
Ionesco Eugene Killing Game 1
Ionesco Eugene Macbett 1
Ionesco Eugene Rhinoceros 1
Ives David All in the Timing 3
Ives David Time Flies 1
Jacobs Jim Grease 1
James Rian 42nd Street 1
James Henry The Turn of the screw 1
Jarry Alfred The Ubu Plays 1
Jarry Alfred Ubu Rex 1
Jeffers Robinson Cawdor and Medea 1
Jerome Helen Jane Eyre 3
Job Thomas Barchester Towers 1
Jones Preston A Texas Trilogy 2
Jones Marie Stones in his pockets 1
Jones Tom The fantasticks 2
Jonson Ben The Alchemist 1
Jonson Ben Volpone or The Fox 4
Joyce James The Dead 1
Ka+B144ufman George S. I'd rather be right 1
Kalinoski Richard A Crooked Man 6
Kalinoski Richard Prank 1
Karminski Gabriel Episode on an Autumn Evening 1
Kaufman Moises The Laramie project 1
Kaufman George The Royal Family 1
Kelly George The Torch-Bearers 2
Kendall Jane Pride and Prejudice 1
Kerr Jean Finishing Touches 1
Kerr Jean King Of Hearts 1
Kerr Jean Lunch Hour 1
Kesselman Wendy My Sister In This House 2
Kesselring Joseph Arsenic and Old Lace 5
Kilroy Thomas The Death and Resurrection of Mr. Roche 1
Kilty Jerome Dear Liar 1
Kingsley Sidney Darness at Noon 1
Kingsley Sidney Detective Story 1
Kipphardt Heinar In The Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer 1
Knee Allan Idylls of the king and camelot 1
Knott Frederick Dial "M" for Murder 2
Koch Kenneth A Change of Hearts 1
Koch Kenneth Bertha 1
Kohout Pavel Poor Murderer 1
Kopit Arthur End of the World 3
Kopit Arthur Indians 2
Kopit Arthur Nine 3
Kopit Arthur Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You In The Closet And I'm Feeling So Sad 2
Kopit Arthur Phantom 1
Kopit Arthur Road To Niruana 1
Kopit Arthur Wings 2
Kotis Greg Urine town 1
Kramer Larry The Normal Heart 1
Krasna Norman John Loves Mary 1
Krasna Norman Who Was That Lady I Saw You With? 1
Kurnitz Harry One More, With Feeling 1
Kurnitz Harry Reclining Figure 1
Kurnitz Harry The Reclining figure 1
Kushner Tony Angels in America Part Two: Perestrokia 2
Kushner Tony Angles in America Part One: Millennium Approaches 1
Kushner Tony Homebody / Kabul 1
Kyd Thomas The Spanish Tragedy 1
King & Masterson Larry & Peter The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 1
Lapine James Table Settings 1
Lapine James Twelve Dreams 2
Laurents Arthur A Clearing in the Woods 1
Laurents Arthur Gypsy 1
Lawrence Jerome Auntie Mama 1
Lawrence Jerome Inherit the Wind 1
Lawrence John E. Old Kentucky Minstrel First Part 1
Lawrence Jerome The Gangs All Here 1
Lawrence Jerome The Incomparable Max 3
Lawrence Jerome The night thoreau spent in jail 1
Lebow Barbara A Shayna Maidel 2
Lederer Charles Kismet 1
Lee James Career 1
Leonard Hugh A Life 1
Leonard Hugh Da 1
Lerner Alan Jay My Fair Lady 1
Leslie Andrew Stephen Vincent Benet's Stories of America 3
Lessing Ephrain Gotthold Nathan The Wise 1
Levin Ira Critic's Choice 1
Levin Ira No Time For Sergeants 1
Levin Ira Veronica's Room 1
Levitt Saul The Andersonville Trial 1
Lillian Masters Hansel and Gretel 9
Lindsay Howard Happy Hunting 2
Lindsay Howard Life With Mother 1
Lindsay Howard Tall Story 2
Lindsay Howard The Great Sebastians 1
Lindsay Howard The Prescott Proposals 1
Lindsay Howard The Sound of music 1
Linney Romulus The Sorrows of Frederick & Holy Ghosts 1
Long & Singer & Winfield Adam & Daniel & Jess The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) 4
Lorca Garcia Blood Wedding, Yerma, Bernarda Alba 2
Lorca Dona Rosita the spinster 1
Lorca The billy club puppets 1
Lorca The butterfly's evil spell 1
Lorca The love of don perlimplin 1
Lorca The shoemakers Prodigious wife 1
Lucas Craig The Dying Gaul 1
Luce William Barry More 1
Luce William The Belle of Amherst 1
Ludlam Charles A christmas carol 1
Ludlam Charles Big hotel 1
Ludlam Charles Bluebeard 1
Ludlam Charles Camille 1
Ludlam Charles Caprice 1
Ludlam Charles Conquest of the universe 1
Ludlam Charles Corn 1
Ludlam Charles Der ring gott farblonjet 1
Ludlam Charles Eunuchs of the forbiden city 1
Ludlam Charles Exquisite torture 1
Ludlam Charles Galas 1
Ludlam Charles Hot ice 1
Ludlam Charles How to write a play 1
Ludlam Charles Isle of the hermaphrodites 1
Ludlam Charles Jack and the beanstalk 1
Ludlam Charles Le bourgeois avant garde 1
Ludlam Charles Loves tangled web 1
Ludlam Charles Medea 1
Ludlam Charles Reverse psychology 1
Ludlam Charles Salammbo 1
Ludlam Charles Secret lives of the sexists 1
Ludlam Charles Stage blood 1
Ludlam Charles The artificial jungle 1
Ludlam Charles The enchanted pig 1
Ludlam Charles The Mystery of Irma Vep 2
Ludlam Charles The mystery of irma vep 1
Ludlam CHarles The ventriloquist's wife 1
Ludlam Charles Turds in hell 1
Ludlam Charles Utopia, incorporated 1
Ludwig Kenneth Moon Over Buffalo 1
Luke Peter Hadrian VII 2
MacLeish Archibald JB 1
Mamet David American Buffalo 1
Mamet David Edmond 2
Mamet David Glengarry Glen Ross 1
Mamet David Goldberg Street, Short Plays & Monologues 1
Mamet David Oleanna 3
Mamet David Sexual Perversity in Chicago 1
Mamet David Speed The Plow 1
Mamet David The Cryptogram 1
Mamet David The Shawl, Prairie Du Chien 1
Mamet David The Water Engine & Mr. Happiness 1
Marans Jon Old Wicked Songs 1
Marasco Robert Child's Play 2
Margulies Donald The Loman Family Picnic 1
Marlowe Christopher Edward II 1
Marowitz Charles Potboilers: Sherlock's Last Case, Ah Sweet Mystery of Life, Clever Dick 2
Marquand John P. The Late George Apley 1
Martin Marty Gertrude Stein 1
Martin Steve Picasso at the Lapin Agile 3
Martin Robert The Stampede of Zebras 1
Martin Steve Wasp and other Plays 1
Mastrosimone William Extremities 2
Mastrosimone William Shivaree 1
Mastrosimone William The Woolgatherer 2
Maurette Marcelle Anastasia 1
McClure Michael The Beard 1
McCullers Carson The Member of the Wedding 1
McCutcher Heather Alabama Rain 1
Mcdermot Galt The Human Comedy 1
McDonagh Martin The Beauty Queen of Leenane and Other Plays 1
McDonagh Martin The Cripple Of Inishmaan 3
McDonald James Somethings a foot 1
McEnroe Robert The Silver Whistle 1
McFadden Apthorp Why The Chimes Rang 1
McGuinness Frank Someone Who'll Watch Over Me 2
McIntyre Dennis Split Second 1
McNally Terrence A man of no importance 1
McNally Terrence A Perfect Ganesh 1
McNally Terrence And Things That Go Bump In The Night 1
McNally Terrence Bad Habits 1
McNally Terrence Corpus Christi 1
McNally Terrence Frankie and Johnny in the Clair De Lune 1
McNally Terrence It's Only A Play 3
McNally Terrence Master Class 1
McNally Terrence The Lisbon Traviata 2
McNally Terrence The Ritz 1
Mcpherson Conor Dublin Carol 1
McPherson Scott Marvin's Room 3
Mcpherson Conor The Weir 1
Medoff Mark Children of a Lesser God 2
Medoff Mark The Wager 1
Medoff Mark When You Comin Back, Red Ryder? 2
Menander The Dyskolos 1
Menken Alan Weird Romance 1
Meyers Patrick K2 2
Micklin Joan A my name is Alice 1
Middleton Thomas The Changeling 1
Millar Ronald The Affair 1
Miller Arthur A View From The Bridge 1
Miller Arthur I Can't Remember Anything, Clara 1
Miller Jason That Championship Season 1
Miller Arthur The American Clock & The Archbishop's Ceiling 1
Miller Arthur The Creation of the World 1
Miller Arthur The crucible 1
Miller Madge The Emperor's Nightingale 1
Miller Arthur The Ride Down Mt. Morgan 1
Moliere Don Juan or the Statue at the feast 2
Moliere Love's The best doctor 2
Moliere Tartuffe 1
Moliere The Doctor in Spite of Himself 1
Moliere The High-Brow Ladies 1
Moliere The Misanthrope 1
Moliere The Miser 3
Moliere The Physican in Spite of Himself 1
Moliere The School For Wives 1
Moliere The Scoundrel Scapin 2
Moliere The Would be Gentleman 2
Molnar Ferenc The Swan 1
Moon Gerald Corpse! 2
Moore Edward J. The Sea Horse 1
Mortimer John A Voyage Round My Father 1
Mortimer John The Dock Brief 2
Mortimer John What Shall We Tell Caroline? 1
Mrozek Slawomir Charlie 1
Mrozek Slawomir Enchanted Night 1
Mrozek Slawomir Tango 1
Mrozek Slawomir The Martyrdom of Peter Ohey 1
Mrozek Slawomir The Party 1
Mrozek Slawomir The Police Out At Sea 1
Mrozek Slawomir Vatzlau 1
Musgrave Thea Mary, Queen of Scots 1
Nash Richard The Rainmaker 2
Nelson Richard Two Shakespearean Actors 1
Newman Molly Quilters 1
Nichols Peter Joe Egg 1
Nichols Peter Passion 2
Nichols Peter The National Health (Or Nurse Norton's Affair) 1
Nicholson William Shadowlands 1
Nicholson Kenyon The Flying Gerardos 1
Niggli Josephina Soldadera 1
Norman Marsha Getting Out 2
Norman Marsha night Mother 2
Norman Marsha The secret Garden 1
O. Casey Sean Juno and the Paycock 1
O. Casey Sean The Plough and the Stars 1
O. Casey Sean The Shawdow of a Gunamn 1
O.Neill Eugene A Moon for the Misbegotten 3
O.Neill Eugene A Touch of the Poet 3
O.Neill Eugene A Wife For a Life 1
O.Neill Eugene Abortion 1
O.Neill Eugene Ah, Wilderness 1
O.Neill Eugene All God's Children Got Wings 1
O.Neill Eugene Anna Christie 1
O.Neill Eugene Desire Under The Elms 1
O.Neill Eugene Fog 1
O.Neill Eugene Hughie 1
O.Neill Eugene Lazarus Laughed 1
O.Neill Eugene Long Day's Journey into Night 1
O.Neill Eugene Marco Millions 1
O.Neill Eugene Mourning Becomes Electra 1
O.Neill Eugene Recklessness 1
O.Neill Eugene Servitude 1
O.Neill Eugene Strange Interlude 1
O.Neill Eugene The Emperor Jones 2
O.Neill Eugene The Great God Brown 1
O.Neill Eugene The Hairy Ape 2
O.Neill Eugene The Movie Man 1
O.Neill Eugene The Sniper 1
O.Neill Eugene The Web 1
O.Neill Eugene Thirst 1
O.Neill Eugene Warnings 1
O'Brien Liam The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker 1
O'Casey Sean Juno and the Paycock 2
Odets Clifford Sammy Davis Jr Golden Boy 2
Odets Clifford The Country Girl 1
O'Hare John Pal Joey 1
Olson Esther E. Proposal by proxy 1
O'Neill Eugene The Iceman Cometh 1
Orloff Rich Incredible Sex 1
Orton Joe Entertaining Mr. Sloane 1
Orton Joe Funeral Games 1
Orton Joe Loot 2
Orton Joe The Erpingham Camp 1
Orton Joe The Good and Faithful Servant 1
Orton Joe The Ruffian on the Stair 1
Orton Joe What the Butler Saw 1
Osborn Paul Morning's At Seven 2
Osborne John A Subject of Scandal and Concern 1
Osborne John Epitaph for George Dillan 1
Osborne John Inadmissible Evidence 1
Osborne John Look Back in Anger 3
Osborne John Luther 6
Osborne John The Entertainer 2
Ostrovsky Alexander Five Plays 1
Owens Robert 1984 1
Pape Ralph Say Goodnight, Gracie 3
Parnell Peter Romance Language 1
Parnell Peter Sorrows of Stephen 2
Pasternak Boris The Blind Beauty 1
Patchen Kenneth Lost Plays 1
Patrick Robert Kennedy's Children 1
Patrick John The Curious Savage 2
Patrick John The Hasty Heart 2
Peabody Josephine The Piper 1
Pember Ron Jack the ripper 1
Percy Edward Ladies in Retirement 1
Pielmeier John Agnes of God 1
Pinero Arthur Playgoers 1
Pinero Miguel Short Eyes 1
Pinter Harold Landscape and Silence 1
Pinter Harold No Man's Land 1
Pinter Harold Old Times 1
Pinter Harold The Birthday Party 3
Pinter Harold The Caretaker &The Dumb Waiter 1
Pinter Harold The Hothouse 1
Pirandello Luigi Naked Masks 3
Pirandello Luigi Six Characters in Search of an Author 1
Pirandello Luigi To Clothe the Naked 1
Plautus The Menaechmi 1
Pomerance Bernard The Elephant Man 2
Pratt William Ten Nights In A Barroom 1
Quintero Serafin A Sunny Morning 1
Rabe David Hurlyburly 2
Rabe David In The Boom Boom Room 1
Rabe David Streamers 1
Rabe David The Basic Training Of Pavlo Hummel 1
Racine Jean Phaedra 1
Racine Phaedra, Andromache, Britannicus 1
Ragni Gerome Hair 1
Rand Jonathan The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World 1
Randall Bob 6 Tms Riv Vu 1
Raphaelson Samson Hilda Crane 1
Raphaelson Samson The Jazz Singer 1
Raspanti Celeste I Never Saw Another Butterfly 1
Rattigan Terence Separte Tables 1
Reddin Keith Desperadoes, Throwing Smoke, Keyhole Lover 1
Regan Sylvia Morning Star 1
Reingold Jacquelyn Things Between Us 1
Reynolds Jonathan Geniuses 2
Reza Yasmina Art 1
Ribman Ronald Cold Starage 1
Ribman Ronald The Journey of the Fifth Horse 1
Rice Elmer Two on an Island 1
Riley Alice Valentines 1
Rimmer David Album 1
Rintels David Clarence Darrow 1
Robbins Tim Dead Man Walking 1
Rodgers Richard The boys from syracuse 1
Rodgers & Hammerstein Flower Drum Song 1
Rodgers & Hammerstein South Pacific 1
Rodgers & Hammerstein The Sound of Music 1
Roman Lawrence Alone Together 4
Rose Reginald Dino 1
Ross Judith An Almost Perfect Person 1
Ross William Speaking of Murder 1
Rostand Edmond Cyrano De Bergerac 4
Royal Bert Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead 1
Rozovsky Mark Strider 1
Rudnick Paul Jeffrey 1
Runyon Damon Guys and Dolls 1
Russel Willy Shirley Valentine and One for the Road 1
Sackler Howard The Great White Hope 1
Samuels Diane Kindertransport 1
Saroyan William Subway Circus 1
Sartre Jean Paul The Condemned of Altona 1
Sartre Jean Paul The Devil & The Good Lord 2
Schary Dore Sunrise at Campobello 1
Schary Dore The Devil's Advocate 1
Schisgal Murray Jimmy Shine 1
Schisgal Murray Luv 1
Schisgal Murray The Chinese and Dr. Fish 1
Schulberg Budd The Disenchanted 1
Schulz Charles M. You're a good man charlie brown 1
Shaffer Peter Amadeus 1
Shaffer Peter Equus 3
Shaffer Peter Five Finger Exercise 1
Shaffer Peter Lettice & Lovage 1
Shaffer Anthony Murderer 2
Shaffer Peter The Royal Hunt of the Sun 1
Shakespeare William As you like it 1
Shakespeare William Hamlet 3
Shakespeare William Henry IV Part I 2
Shakespeare William Henry IV Part II 2
Shakespeare William Henry V 2
Shakespeare William Julius Ceasar 3
Shakespeare William Love's Labor's Lost 1
Shakespeare William Macbeth 4
Shakespeare William Measure for Measure 2
Shakespeare William Midsummer Night's Dream 2
Shakespeare William Much ado about nothing 1
Shakespeare William Naked Hamlet 1
Shakespeare William Othello 2
Shakespeare William Romeo and Joliet 2
Shakespeare William The Taming of the Shrew 2
Shakespeare William The tempest 1
Shakespeare William The tragedy of antony and cleopatra 1
Shakespeare William The tragedy of coriolanus 1
Shakespeare William The tragedy of king lear 1
Shakespeare William The tragedy of king richard the second 1
Shakespeare William The tragedy of king richard the third 1
Shakespeare William The winter's tale 1
Shakespeare William Troilus and Cressida 2
Shakespeare William Twelfth night, or what you will 1
Shange Ntozake For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf 1
Shaw George Bernard 4 Plays By Shaw(The Devil's Disciple, Caesar and Cleopatra, Captain Brassbound's Conversion, Candida) 1
Shaw George Bernard Arms and the Man 1
Shaw George Bernard Pygmalion 1
Shaw Robert The Man In The Glass Booth 1
Shawn Wallace Aunt Dan & Lemon 1
Shawn Wallace The Fever 1
Sheldon Sidney Roman Candle 1
Shepard Sam Buried Child 1
Shepard Sam Chicago 1
Shepard Sam Fourteen Hundred Thousand 1
Shepard Sam Icarus's Mother 1
Shepard Sam Melodrama Play 1
Shepard Sam Red Cross 1
Sheridan Richard Brinsley The School for Sandal 1
Sherman James Beau Jest 1
Sherriff R.C. Journey's End 1
Shiffrin A.B. I Like It Here 1
Shue Larry The Foreigner 4
Shue Larry Wenceslas Square 1
Shulman Max How Now Dow Jones 1
Shulman Max The Tender Trap 1
Shyre Paul A Whitman Portrait 1
Shyre Paul U.S.A. 1
Siks Geraldine Marco Polo 1
Sills Paul Story Theatre 1
Simon Neil Barefoot in the Park 1
Simon Neil Biloxi Blues 2
Simon Neil Brighton Beach Memoirs 1
Simon Neil Broadway Bound 1
Simon Neil California Suite 2
Simon Neil Come Blow Your Horn 1
Simon Neil I Ought To Be In Pictures 1
Simon Neil Last of the Red Hot Lovers 1
Simon Neil Plaza Suite 3
Simon Neil Promises Promises 3
Simon Neil The Dinner Party 1
Simon Neil The Gingerbread Lady 2
Simon Neil The Good Doctor 1
Simon Neil The Prisoner of Second Avenue 2
Simon Neil The sunshine boys 1
Simon Neil They're Playing Our Song 2
Simonov Konstantine The Whole World Over 1
Slade Bernard Romantic Comedy 1
Slade Bernard Same Time, Next Year 2
Slade Bernard Tribute 1
Slolzhenttsyn Aleksandr Candle in the Wind 1
Smith Janet Katherine The Shepherd's Star 1
Smith Anna Deavere Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 1
Snyder William The Days and Nights of Beebee Fenstermaker 1
Solzhenttsyn Aleksandr The Love-Girl and the Innocent 1
Sondheim Stephen Into the woods 1
Sophocles Ajax 1
Sophocles Antigone 1
Sophocles Electra 1
Sophocles Oedipus at Colonus 1
Sophocles Oedipus Rex 3
Sophocles Philoctetes 1
Sophocles Trachinian Women 1
Sorkin Aaron A Few Good Men 1
Soyinka Wole Death and the King's Horseman 2
Spewack Sam The Festival 1
Spewack Samuel Two Blind Mice 1
Spigelgass Leonard A Majority of One 2
Squires Edith The Topaz of Ethiopia 1
St. Germain Mark Camping with Henry & Tom 1
St. Germain Mark The gifts of the magi 2
Stein Joeseph Zorba 1
Sterner Jerry Other People's Money 1
Stevens David The Sum of Us 2
Stewart John Patrick Doubt 1
Stewart Michael Harrigan in Hart 1
Stewart Michael I Love My Wife 3
Stewart Michael Mack and Mabel 1
Stitt Milan The Runner Stumbles 1
Stock Jean Mary Stuart 1
Stone Peter 1776 1
Stoppard Tom Arcadia 2
Stoppard Tom Dirty Linen & New-Found-Land 1
Stoppard Tom Every Good Boy Deserves Favor and Professional Foul 1
Stoppard Tom Hapgood 1
Stoppard Tom Indian Ink 1
Stoppard Tom Jumpers 3
Stoppard Tom Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead 1
Stoppard Tom The Real Inspector Hound 1
Stoppard Tom The Real Thing 2
Stoppard Tom Travesties 2
Stoppard Tom Undiscovered Country 1
Storey David Home 3
Storey David In Celebration 2
Storey David The Changing Room 2
Storey David The Contractor 2
Strindberg August A Dream Play 3
Strindberg October Easter 2
Strindberg November Miss Julie 2
Strindberg August The Father 2
Strindberg September The Ghost Sonata 3
Strindberg August The Road to Damascus 1
Strindberg August The Stronger 1
Suassuna Ariano The Rogue's Trail 1
Synge John Deirde if the sorrows 2
Synge John In the shadow of the glen 2
Synge John Riders to the sea 2
Synge John The Playboy if the western world 2
Synge John The tinker's wedding 2
Synge John The well of the saints 2
Taggart Tom Minstrel Memories 1
Tally Ted Little Footsteps 3
Taylor C.P. and a Nightingale Sang… 2
Taylor C.P. Good 2
Taylor Samuel The Happy Time 1
Taylor Samuel The Pleasure of his Company 1
Tecer A.K. The Neighbourhood 1
Teichmann Howard The Solid Gold Cadillac 2
Terry Megan Approaching Simone 1
Terry Megan Comings and Goings 1
Terry Megan Keep Tightly Closed in a Cool Dry Place 1
Terry Megan Oh My Darling 1
Terry Megan The Gloaming 1
Tesich Steve The Speed of Darkness 2
Thomas Dylan The Doctors and the Devils 1
Thomas Dylan under mild wood 3
Thompson Ernest On Golden Pond 2
Thompson Ernest The West Side Waltz 2
Thurber James A Thurber carnival 1
Thurber James The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1
Tiller Ted Count Dracula 1
Tom Eyen Grand Tenement/November 22 1
Tom Eyen My Next Husband Will Be a Beauty 1
Tom Eyen Sarah B. Divine 1
Tom Eyen The Death of Off-Broadway 1
Tom Eyen The Kama Sutra 1
Tom Eyen The Three Sisters: A Trilogy 1
Tom Eyen The White Whore and the Bit Player 1
Tourneur Cyril The Revenger's Tragedy 2
Trainer David The Pigman
Trainer David The Undertaking, T 1
Trainer David Thief 1
Trask Stephen Hedwig and the Angry Inch 1
Trudear GB Doonesbury 2
Udell David Purlie 1
Uhry Alfred Driving Miss Daisy 2
Uhry Alfred Robber Bride Groom 1
Uhry Alfred The last night of ballyhoo 1
Ustinov Peter Beyond 1
Ustinov Peter Halfway Up The Tree 3
Ustinov Peter No Sign of Dove 1
Ustinov Peter Photo Finish 1
Ustinov Peter Romanoff and Juliet 1
Ustinov Peter The Love of Four Colonels 2
Ustinov Peter The Moment of Truth 1
Valency Maurice The Apollo of Bellac 1
Van Druten John Bell, Book and Candle 1
Van Druten John I Am A Camera 1
van Itallie Jean-Claude America Hurrah 1
Vian Boris The Generals' Tea Party 1
Vian Boris The Knacker's ABC 1
Vidal Gore And Evening With Richard Nixon 1
Vidal Gore The Best Man 1
Vidal Gore Visit To A Small Planet 3
Vogal Paula How I Learned To Drive 2
Vogal Paula The Baltimore Waltz 1
Vogel Paula Desdemona 1
Vosburgh Dick A day in hollywood 1
Wade Kevin Key Exchange 3
Walker Joseph A. The River Niger 1
Wann Jim Dimond Studs 1
Wasserman Dale Man of la Mancha 1
Wasserman Dale One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 2
Wasserstein Wendy Isn't it Romantic 3
Wasserstein Wendy Old Money 1
Wasserstein Wendy The Heidi Chronicles 13
Wasserstein Wendy The Sisters Rosensweig 1
Wead Frank Ceiling Zero 1
Webster John The White Devil 2
Wedekind Frank The Lulu Plays 1
Weiss Peter Marat/Sade 1
Weller Michael Loose Ends 2
Weller Michael Moonchilderen 1
Weller Michael Spoils of War 1
Wertenbaker Timberlake Our Country's Good 1
White Theodore H. Caesar At The Rubicon 2
Whitemore Hugh Breaking The Code 2
Whitemore Hugh Pack of Lies 2
Whiting Frank M. Huckleberry Finn 1
Whiting John The Devils 1
Wiesel Elie Zalmen, or The Madness Of God 1
Wiggin Kate Douglas The Birds Christmas Carol 1
Wilde Oscar A Woman of No Importance 1
Wilde Oscar An Ideal Husband 1
Wilde Hagar Guest In The House 1
Wilde Oscar Lady Windermere's Fan 1
Wilde Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest 1
Wilder Thornton The Long Christmas Dinner 1
Williams Tennessee A Streetcar Named Desire 1
Williams Heathcote AC/DC 1
Williams Tennessee Camino Real 1
Williams Jaston Greater Tuna 1
Williams Samm-Art Home 1
Williams Emlyn Night Must Fall 1
Williams Tennessee Orpheus Descending 1
Williams Tennessee Out Cry 1
Williams Tennessee Period of Adjustment 1
Williams Tennessee Small Craft Warnings 1
Williams Tennessee Suddenly Last Summer 1
Williams Tennessee Summer and Smoke 1
Williams Tennessee Sweet Bird of Youth 1
Williams Tennessee The Gnadiges Fraulein 1
Williams Hugh The Grass is Greener 1
Williams Tennessee The Night of the Iguana 1
Williams Tennessee The Rose Tattoo 1
Wilson Lanford 5th of July 1
Wilson Lanford Angels Fall 2
Wilson Lanford Book of days 1
Wilson Lanford Burn This 2
Wilson August Fences 2
Wilson August Joe Turner's Come and Gone 2
Wilson August Ma Rainey's Black Bottom 2
Wilson Lanford Redwood Curtain 1
Wilson Lanford Serenading Louie 2
Wilson August Seven Guitars 1
Wilson Colin Strindberg 1
Wilson Lanford Talley's Folly 2
Wilson Lanford The Hot L Baltimore 1
Wilson August The Piano Lesson 1
Wilson Lanford The Rimers of Eldritch 1
Wilson August Two Trains Running 1
Witkiewicz Stanislaw Along the Cliffs of the Absurd 1
Witkiewicz Stanislaw Metaphysics of a Two-Headed Calf 1
Witkiewicz Stanislaw Mr. Price or: Tropical Madness 1
Witkiewicz Stanislaw The Pragmatists 1
Wolfe George C. Jelly's Last jam 1
Wolfe George C. Spunk, The Colored Museum 2
Wolff Amelia O'dell and Myrna 1
Wood Charles Dingo 1
Wouk Herman The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial 3
Wycherley William The Complete Plays 1
Yaffe James The Deadly Game 1
Yates William Buttler Calvary 1
Yates William Buttler Purgatory 1
Yourgrau Tug The Song of Jacob Zulu 1
Zeder Suzan Step on a Crack 1
Ziegler Tom Grace and Glorie 1
Zindel Paul The Effect of Ganna Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds 2
Zindel Paul The Pigman 1
Zindel Paul The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild 1
Darkness at noon 1
Everyman 1
This is your life 2
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