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Thr 469 Advanced Directing


Instructor: Merlaine Angwall

Office Hours: (W120): 1:00-1:50 M,W, 9:00 T,TH, or by appointment

Phone: 424-7050


COURSE OBJECTIVES: To continue the exploration of the directing process, to develop a deeper understanding of the techniques used to direct genres other than realism, and to incorporate the skills learned in many forms of staging including : thrust, proscenium, in-the-round, and film. This class will also explore in greater depth the dilemmas faced in casting, working in production and working with professionals in the field.


You will be required to read different plays chosen by you and your classmates throughout the course of the semester. Each week there will be a discussion about a different play. You will be required to submit two prompt books that support your two directing projects. You will also be required to see and write 2 critical analysis of the UW Oshkosh productions of True West and Pygmalion.


2 Critical Analysis of UW Oshkosh productions: (50 pts. each) = 100 pts

Mid-term project and prompt book (100 pts each) = 200 pts

Final project and prompt book (100 pts each) = 200 pts

Participation and discussion = 100 pts 600 pts Total



The Mid-term directing project will be approximately 20 minutes in length. This project will focus on plays written before 1900. You may choose a script from the Greek, Spanish tragedy, Renaissance, Medieval, Neoclassic, or Elizabethan period. It will be produced in the experimental theatre using thrust staging.

The second project will be from the contemporary period (anything after 1900), and will focus on Post Modernism, Expressionism, Theatre of the Absurd, or Musical Theatre. This project will be approximately 30 minutes in length and produced in the Fredric March Theatre, in-the-round or thrust.

PROMPT BOOKS must be turned in with each project.

For each of the three UW Oshkosh productions you see you will write an analysis of the directing of the production The analysis will be 2-4 pages, double-spaced, typed. The paper will focus on what you thought of the direction, how the production elements fit together, and what if anything would you do differently.

The plays you read will be selected by the class as their final projects.

There will be a discussion of one of these plays, their concepts, their themes, and their production elements throughout different weeks in the course of the semester.



Participation and discussion are mandatory. Your attitude and effort are key to your final point assignment in this category.



For each day a written assignment is overdue, one letter grade will be deducted from the final grade of that assignment. There are no make-ups on performances.



Attendance is mandatory. Everyone is allowed one unexcused absence. 50 points will be deducted from the final grade for every unexcused absence. You may email me or call my office or the theatre office if you are going to absent prior to, or the day of the absence. Arriving more than 10 minutes late for class will be considered an absence, unless approved by me in advance.


Mid-term project date:

Final project dates:


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