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Thr 463 Seminar


Course # 97-463, Production Seminar, Spring 2013
Instructor:  Merlaine Angwall
Office Hours:  Mon.-Thur.: 1:00-1:50, or by appointment
Office:  ACW 120 or 102
Phone:  920-424-7050, Email:


The student will learn basic acting techniques used in Musical Theatre; he/she will also gain a basic understanding of their voice, its range and basic sight-reading skills.  
The student will be exposed to a wide range of choreographic styles and learn how these styles differ.  He/she will understand how choreography is created and how it is learned.
The student will understand how a Musical Theatre audition works and how to put together their own Musical Theatre audition.  Students will find their own music, accompaniment, and monologue.
The student will understand the importance of working in an ensemble for rehearsal and performance.
The student will learn basic skills required in Musical Theatre and will realize these demands by performing in class.

This course is a Musical Theatre performance course.  As such, you will be required to learn the mechanics of Musical Theatre performance by participation in 3 main components of the art form.  You will be required to act, sing and dance in this class.  You will be required to find an up-tempo Broadway song and a ballad, also from the Broadway cannon.  You will be required to rehearse (out of class) and perform those songs for the class.  You will also learn choreography given to you in class, and will be graded on your performance in this choreographed piece. You will be required to act in a scripted scene and take 5 quizzes on films shown in class.  Your final exam will be a Musical Theatre audition, consisting of a monologue and song 3-4 minutes in length.  You will be required to participate in class discussion, exercises and read material given to you in class.  You will be required to see The Lion King, at the Fox Cities PAC and write a critical analysis of one or two of the performers in that production.  This paper will be 3-5 pages in length, word-processed using black ink, double-spaced, with 10-12 point font.  Back to back pages are acceptable.  Papers need to be turned in on time, which is the beginning of class on the due date.  Late papers will have 20 points deducted from the total points earned for every day the paper is late.  There are no make-ups on performance assignments.  Due dates may be modified to fit the needs of the class.  Students are graded on improvement and not against each other.

You will need to dress appropriately for this class.  Proper attire for choreography section includes:  sneakers/tennis shoes and/or character shoes, “work out” types of clothing – sweats, etc. and please bring something to get your hair out of your face.  (Barrets, elastic, headbands, etc)  It is a good idea to bring water to class as well.

DUE DATES FOR ASSIGNMENTS:  (Subject to change):

Feb. 12 – Oklahoma quiz
Feb. 21 – Scripted scene
March 5 – 1776 quiz
March 26 – Ballad song
March 28 – Up-tempo song
April 4 – A Chorus Line quiz
April 23 – Choreography test
April 29 – Singin’ in the Rain quiz
May 7 and 9 – Final Musical Theatre audition
Due date for critical analysis will be given to you in class.

4 quizzes at 25 points each = 100 pts.
Scripted Scene = 100 pts.
Up-tempo and Ballad songs = 100 pts.
Choreography = 100 pts.
Critical Analysis = 100 pts.
Audition pieces = 100 pts.            
Total = 600 pts.

The grading scale is based on 600 points. The “percentage of points” translates to letter grades as follows:


Letter Grade




100 – 93

600 – 558


92.9 – 90

557 – 540


89.9 – 87

539 – 522


86.9 – 83

521 – 598


82.9 – 80

497 – 480


79.9 – 77

479 – 462


76.9 – 73

461 – 438


72.9 – 70

437 – 420


69.9 – 67

419 – 402


66.9 – 63

401 – 378


62.9 – 60

377 – 360


Less than 60

Less than 360


Attendance is mandatory.  Students are expected to attend class and to be on time.  There are no make-ups on performance assignments.  Everyone is allowed 3 absences for whatever reason:  sickness, emergency, etc.  For every unexcused absence beyond the 3 allowed absences, the end of the semester grade will be lowered one grade level.  If you are sick, call or email Merlaine BEFORE class begins.  Each unexcused absence will result in a 25-point deduction from the total semester points.  If there are questionable weather conditions, the professor will follow the recommendations as recorded on the UW Oshkosh weatherline, (920-424-0000), and/or as announced on local television and radio stations.  If a student is late to class on a regular basis, points will be deducted from the total semester points earned at the discretion of the professor.  Arriving a half-hour late to class is considered an absence.
Academic honesty and integrity is expected at all times.  Plagiarism or other cheating will result in zero on the assignment and appropriate official steps will be taken.

All electronic devices must be turned off in class.  If you need to be contacted in case of an emergency, give the phone numbers of the theatre office, (424-7042) and/or campus security to the appropriate people and they will contact you.

Students are expected to rehearse outside of class time although there will be some time available for rehearsal during class periods.

Theater is a collaborative creative process requiring a broad knowledge of the human condition to be successful.   The importance of theatre in society is well documented, and understanding the role it plays in society contributes to the development of a well-rounded citizen.  Theatre holds a mirror to society and teaches us what it means to be human.  

(The professor reserves the right to modify the syllabus to accommodate the needs of the class.  If any such modifications are needed, they will be announced in class.  This syllabus was developed by Merlaine Angwall.)

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