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Thr 402 Senior Project Directing

97-402 Directing

The student may elect to direct a one act or full length play. A facility supervisor will be appointed who will act as the student director's advisor and will assign the final grade. The sludent will prepare the following documentation to be reviewed by the faculty advisor at the times indicated.


I Before Rehearsals Begin

A. Research background on tile play to include the following:

  1. Production history of the play with discussion of reviews ofsignilicant productions
  2. Biographical material on the playwright
  3. Discussion of the other works by the playwright
  4. Historical background on the period and place in which the play is set
  5. Bibliography of works consulted


B. Analysis of the play which includes:

  1. Thematic analysis
  2. Analysis of the plot structure
  3. Character descriptions
  4. Statement of production concept


II During Rehearsal Process

A. Prompt Book which contains

  1. Rehearsal Schedule
  2. Floor Plan
  3. Costume Plot
  4. Prop Plot
  5. Publicity Copy
  6. Text of the play with blocking


III After the Production Closes

A. Self-assessment of the production process

The student will present an oral review of the directing process to a committee of the Theatre Facility. The faculty advisor, in consultation with other members of the committee, will write an evaluation of the project for inclusion in the student's report.

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