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Thr 216 Theatre Practicum IV: Production

THEATRE 216-001 (92883)
FALL 2014

Kathleen Donnelly
Office:  ACW 220
Phone: 424-7127

Mick Alderson
Office:  ACW 124
Phone: 424-7051

The course is designed to provide the student majoring in Theatre the practical experience of working on a running crew in a supervisory capacity for realized productions.

The student is required to work on a backstage running crew for one of the departmental productions during the semester and hold the position of:  Assistant Stage Manager, crew supervisor or board operator. You will be required to be present at all technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances and strike for that production. Practicum assignments may include working in the areas of: lighting, sound, projections, scenery, props, wardrobe, makeup or special effects.


Required Attire:
Appropriate attire is necessary when reporting to work on running crew. All backstage crew personnel are required to wear black pants, black long sleeve shirt and sneakers or work boots with no heel.  Crew members who will be flying scenery or moving set pieces may also be encouraged to wear work gloves.

Safety Regulations:
Please refer to the UWO Theatre Safety Rules and Regulations attached for additional information on appropriate safety rules and regulations.

Any unexcused absence will result in your suspension from this class and the production crew.

1.  Grade will take into account punctuality and adherence to work calls.
2.  Attitude and Initiative can and will make a difference in your grade.

Anticipated Schedule for Fall Productions:

Over the Tavern by Tom Dudzik
Fredric March Theatre
Dry Technical Rehearsal: Saturday, October 4th, 10:00am – 5:00pm
Dress/Tech Rehearsals: Sunday, October 5th, 1:00pm call, 2:00pm go
Monday - Tuesday, October 6-7th, 5:30pm call, 7:30pm go    
Performances: Wednesday – Saturday, October 8th – 11th, 5:30pm call, 7:30pm go
Sunday, October 12th, noon call, 2:00pm go (Strike follows)

The Seafarer by Conor McPherson
Fredric March Theatre
Dry Technical Rehearsal:  Saturday, November 15th, 10:00am call
Dress/Tech Rehearsals: Sunday, November 16th, Noon call
Monday – Tuesday, November 17th- 18th, 5:30pm call, 7:30pm go
Performances: Wednesday – Saturday, November 19th thru 22nd, 5:30pm call, 7:30pm go
Sunday, November 23rd, Noon call, 2:00pm go (Strike follows)

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