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Theatre Participation-Technical (Sample)

Theatre Participation - Fall 2008

(Sample: see specific version for current semester)

THEATRE 167.001
THEATRE 262.001
THEATRE 362.001

Note: Course enrollment requires a signature. See CONTACT Kathleen Donnelly to be added to course.


Kathleen Donnelly
donnelly @
AC/W 220
424-7127 or 0286

Mick Alderson
AC/W 124


These courses are designed to give the student practical experience in the "backstage crafts" of the theatre. You will have the choice of working either a backstage running crew for one of our productions this semester, or a construction crew for the semester in either the scene shop or costume shop.

Theatre 167 is designed to be the first course in theatre participation. If you have not worked in theatre on the college level, you should be enrolled in this section.

Theatre 262 is designed for students who have either had 167 or have worked backstage in college theatre. Students enrolled in this course will be expected to demonstrate an intermediate skill level in an area of theatrical crafts and /or hold a position of minor responsibility on a show. 167 is normally a prerequisite.

Theatre 362 is an upper level course for advanced students. Prior experience is highly desirable. A person enrolled under this course number should possess a high skill level in an area of theatre, and /or hold a position of major responsibility on a show. 262 is normally a prerequisite.

Options for completing course requirements:

A. Construction Crew: You are expected to work 40 hours in either the scene shop or the costume shop during the course of the semester. Exactly what hours you work will be arranged with the supervisor of that area. In general, you are expected to spend 3 hours per week, preferably at the same time each week. If you can't be there for a previously arranged time, you must call your supervisor and arrange to make up the time. Two unexcused absences will result in your suspension from this class.

Appropriate attire is necessary for every call. If you are not properly attired you will not be allowed to work in the shop. These regulations are necessary to insure your safety and the safety of others. Please see the handout on Safety Rules and Regulations.

B. Running Crew: You will work on the backstage running crew for one of the departmental productions this semester. You will be required to be present at all technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances for that production. In addition to this you will be required to attend a run through of the show prior to technical rehearsal so that you are familiar with the production and the nature of your position on the show before technical rehearsal. All running crew members must be dressed in black pants and shirt (long sleeve) in order to work backstage for the show.

Any unexcused absence will result in your suspension from this class and the production crew.

Strike follows last performance.



All students who take participation Option A are required to attend a strike following the last performance of each production. This will usually last approximately 2 hours.

If you choose option B, you are required to strike the production you are assigned to as a running crew member.


1. 40 hours is the minimum passing requirement for those choosing option A.

2. Punctuality at required rehearsals and performances is necessary for those who choose option B.

3. Attitude and Initiative can and will make a difference in a grade for both options.

Shop Hours:

Scene Shop hours: 1:00-5:00pm - Monday through Friday (424-7051)

Costume Shop hours: 1:00-5:00pm – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (424-0286)

Note: Both of these numbers have answering machines, so there is no excuse for not calling if you will be late or absent.

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