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Thr 260 Theatre Partic-Acting and Directing


Office: ACW 120
Phone: 424-7050

These courses are designed to give the student practical experience on stage as an actor, or experience directing a student production. An audition for a production is required as an actor. The director must apply to direct a production in the spring of the year prior to production.

Theatre 260 is designed to be the first course in theatre participation. If you have not worked in theatre on the college level, you should be enrolled in this section.

Theatre 363 is designed for students who have either had 260 or have acted in a production on the college level in the past.

Theatre 462 is an upper level course for advanced students. Prior experience is highly desirable. A person enrolled under this course number should possess a high skill level in acting and/or directing; the acting role should be significant and if a director, the production should be substantial.


ACTING: The actor is required to audition for the production. In addition, the actor is required to attend all rehearsals and performances. The actor should be on time to all rehearsals and calls. Further requirements will be given to the student by the production director.
DIRECTING: An application to direct should be completed the spring prior to the production. Directors are required to conceive and maintain a rehearsal schedule, attend production meetings, keep a prompt book, and meet with the assigned faculty supervisor. The faculty supervisor will articulate specific course requirements with student once the production is determined.


Actors: Grading criteria is given by the director of the production. In general, the student will be graded on the following: attendance, character research, growth in the role, character analysis, movement and vocal skills.

Directing: Grading criteria will be based upon the following: Prompt book, research on the play, meetings with faculty advisor, play concepts, attendance and execution of production meetings, rehearsal log, rehearsal techniques and execution of the concepts set forth by the director.

Participation and attitude and initiative are factors in grading for both the actor and the director.

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