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Theatre Class Syllabi

Available Syllabi, arranged by instructor

Theatre Manual
Shop safety rules
Senior Project

Mick Alderson
Theatre Participation/Tech
Shop safety rules
Production Schedule
Thr 369: Stagecrafts
Merlaine Angwall
Thr 168: Theatre Partic. Publicity and Management
*Thr 355: Movement
*Thr 367: Fund of Directing
Kathleen Donnelly
Theatre Participation/Tech
Shop safety rules
Production Schedule
Thr 203: Fund. of Design
Thr 253: Stage Makeup
Thr 473: Design for Camera
Roy Hoglund
Thr 203: Fund of Design
Thr 473: Design for Camera
Richard Kalinoski
Thr 161: Intro to Theatre
*Thr 204: Survey of Theatre History
Thr 374 Script Writing
Jane Purse-Wiedenhoeft
*Thr 205: Fund. of Acting
Thr 338: Improv. Acting
Bryan Vandevender
*Thr 152: Non-Western Theatre
*Thr 275: Interactive Theatre
Eunice Gabor 
Thr 152: Non-Western Theatre
John Zarbano
Thr 168: Theatre Partic- Publicity and Management


Theatre Practicum

Thr 210: Theatre Practicum 1- Scene Shop
Thr 212: Theatre Practicum 2- Costume Shop
Thr 214: Theatre Practicum 3- Production
Thr 216: Theatre Practicum 4- Production


PLEASE NOTE! " * " indicates syllabi not yet updated for current semester. Check back soon.

Interim Classes (Winter 2014)

Thr 167: Theatre Participation (Interim)

Brian Vandevender/John Zarbano
Thr/Comm 313: Entertainment Law (Interim)

Interim Classes (Spring 2015)

Donnelly and Hoglund
Thr 202 History of Styles
Thr 463-381 History of Styles (Advanced)

Other Available Syllabi

Theatre Core Courses


Acting and Directing Courses


Design and Tech Courses


Theatre History Courses


Drama Education Courses


Theatre Management




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2014-15 Season

  • Over the Tavern
    Oct. 8 - 12
  • The Seafarer
    Nov. 19 - 23
  • The Boy Inside
    Feb. 18 - 22
  • Winter Fringe
    March 12 - 14
  • O Pioneers
    April 29 - May 3
  • Playwriting Contest

    17th ANNUAL


    Playwriting Contest

    Due date for submissions: March 16

    Staged Reading: April 22

    For details, see

    Contest Information