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Theatre Department Ushers
Per production: 6 students per night (30 total)

Wear Black Pants – White Shirt

The Box Office Manager will assign you to a station:

2 at Entrance to Rip Tickets

4 at House Left (2) & Right (2) to Manage Audience


(hand out programs, answer questions, seat audience

6:30 pm – Production (Sunday 1:00 pm)

Ticket Rippers

  • Greet the customers: “May I have your ticket please?
  • Tear off ticket stub and drop it in wooden box – return ticket to audience member.
  • Direct them to the appropriate side.  1-15 to the left and 16 up to the right.
  • Women’s bathrooms to the left, Men’s to the right.

Audience Managers

  • Stand outside your designated door, pass out programs and ask “Do you need help in finding your seat?”
  • The first set of doors is around row K, bottom set of doors is around row E.
  • If an audience member wants to hang up their coat, direct them to the coat racks.
  • When the announcement is heard saying “Good evening, welcome to the Fredric March Theatre . . .”
    Close the doors, turn off the light switch by the bathrooms and go sit in your seats.


Audience Managers

  • Open the auditorium doors, turn on the light switch by the bathrooms, open the lobby doors.
  • At the end of the intermission, shut the doors and turn off the lights, and resume your seat

If you see anyone smoking, drinking, eating, taking pictures, or recording, report this immediately to the Box Office Manager who will handle it


Thank you for your help!

by Alderson, James M last modified Apr 17, 2011 12:30 AM