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Scenic Designer


  1. The scenic designer will meet with the director and the design team to discuss concept and requirements of specific concerns regarding scenery and properties. Is expected that the designer has thoroughly read the play and has made notes regarding questions or ideas pertaining to the script prior to the first meeting.
  2. Rough sketches and a ground plan with suggestion for color should be communicated to the director and meet with the approval of the director, and faculty scenic designer/technical director according to the schedule.
  3. Color indications or renderings along with a scale ground plan and detailed elevations each piece of scenery should be delivered to the technical director before the show is scheduled to enter the shop.
  4. The Scenic Designer is responsible for:
    1. Pulling scenic pieces / props & dressing from stock as needed.
    2. Purchasing any needed scenic pieces or dressing (see purchasing process)
    3. Purchasing any specialty paints or effects as needed by the production (see purchasing process)
  5. It is expected that the scenic design will make contact with the technical director daily:
    1. to answer any questions, or address any concerns which have developed.
    2. Mix paint colors and develop textures related to the design.
    3. Aid in the construction of scenery, and properties.
    4. Paint and dress scenery when constructed.
  6. The design must meet the scheduling requirements of the technical director with regards to the securing of materials, and addressing questions which come up.
  7. The design must work within the budget assigned to scenery for the show.
  8. The design must consult with the director and the faculty scenic design advisor before changes are made.
  9. The scenic design must see a run thorough of the play prior to the first technical rehearsal.
  10. The scenic design must be present in all technical, and dress rehearsals and in encouraged to attend opening night.
  11. All designers are expected to participate in strike.
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