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Publicity and Management

Each year the Theatre department performs 5 productions.  This position is responsible for the promotion of those plays in addition to other miscellaneous tasks

PR tasks:

Create and/or Resize the ads (3 1/4 by 4) for use as Table Tent in Reeve Union.

Get feature story from the director, submit to Integrated Marketing for release to the Advance Titan and forward to Radio/TV/Film.

Have audition posters proofed, printed and distributed.

Work with play director and Roy to create play promotional poster, proof, print and distribute poster around campus

Work with the University Photographer for publicity shots for ads and for production bulletin board.

Be sure that box office has a copy of program before window opens for complimentary tickets for anyone in production


Create a promotional letter for alumni.  Work with the Alumni office for addresses and information.

Create a promotional mailing  (postcard, e-mail) to the Theatre Mailing list for each play.

Miscellaneous Tasks

Maintain and update 6 bulletin boards and outside sign.

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