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Concessions Sales
Each production: 2 students per night (10 total)

6:30 pm - Start of Show (Sunday 1:00 pm)

  • Set up concessions on the table in the lobby.
  • Signs, supplies and the cash box are kept in the Box Office.
  • There is $15 in the box.
  • Please count the box to verify and start the Concessions Report.
  • Close Concessions 2 minutes before show starts.
  • Count the cash box and record the total on the Concessions slip.
  • Take cash box into the Box Office.


  • Set up Concessions 2 minutes before intermission.
  • Get cash box out of Box Office.
  • After intermission, complete the Concessions Report.
  • Leave $15 in the cash box in 1s and change.
  • Place all other $ into an envelope, staple the Concessions Report to
  • the front & give to the Box Office Manager.
  • Take supplies, signs and cash box back into Box Office.
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