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Box Office Worker

Student Box Office Worker

  1. Authorized Personnel Only:
    The Box Office is a place of business. If no one requires your attention at the window, you may do your private studying. DO NOT PERMIT ANYONE NOT SCHEDULED TO WORK TO BE IN THE BOX OFFICE.
  2. Dress Code We have no particular dress code. We wish you to be neatly dressed and groomed.  Many students, faculty, and townspersons come to the window to purchase tickets; we want the experience to be pleasant for all of them. Please dress appropriately for work.
  3. Decorum at the window: Be polite, clear and helpful to all our customers. Even if the customer at the window is a friend of yours, an overly casual or silly manner may offend or be misinterpreted by someone else in the line.

Production for Box Office Workers


  1. Open window promptly at 12:00.
  2. Sell tickets, be sure to get name and address for each sale.
  3. Put up any signs for Intermission, Concessions, Appreciation sign up sheets, Reception in Ex, etc.
  4. At 4 PM close window and lock all Theatre Office doors.
  5. If people come to get tickets after you are finished with the box office report, take their name and number to reserve or remind them to purchase their tickets on-line with credit card.


  1. Open window promptly at 6:00; set out bell.
  2. Turn on lights in lobby and Gallery Lights (switch in TAB office).
  3. Place ticket boxes and Gruenwald box in inner lobby.
  4. Box office manager will not sell tickets but will help in areas as needed.
  5. Check with the stage manager so the house opens at 7:00.
  6. Stage manager will call 5 min before the show starts to see if seating is on schedule. Try to clear up any jams so the production will start on time. Box Office Manager will call Stage Manager in Lighting Booth when line is down to last set of patrons.
  7. When the play begins, be watchful for any latecomers. Sell them a ticket for the edge of the auditorium. Do not send them in alone, but get out a flashlight from the drawer and walk them to their seat.
  8. Have each Box Office Window close out by 8 pm. Only the BO Manger or chosen worker will stay until the end of show.
by Alderson, James M last modified May 17, 2011 01:36 PM