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Box Office Manager

Student Box Office Manager

Come in twice a week – every week of the school year – to check the voice mail, snail mail and e-mail.  Reply to any and all messages immediately.

Production for BO Manager

Before Each Show

  1. Make all signs needed.  Gunshots or smoking, Intermission, Concession Sales and 10 copies of Appreciation Sign up sheets.
  2. Take one program and use it to mark off cast comp tickets. The director gets as many comp tickets as s/he wants.
  3. Talk with directors to find out running times of shows and if there are any bad seats

Production Responsibilities

  1. Mark on list as the Appreciation students check in with you
    • assign 2 ticket rippers, 2 house left and 2 house right to pass programs. Give each usher a complimentary ticket in rows J or D for easy access to the doors
    • Concession Workers: At start of show, take concession cash box into box office until intermission.  Sign off Concession Sales slip and close out cash box after intermission. Place money on TAB shelf in safe
    • Host/Hostess:  Show location of cake soda, ect.
  2. Bring in ticket boxes before intermission and toss ticket stubs.
  3. Intermission is 10 minutes long so at 8 minutes either flash the lights or make an announcement that the play is about to begin again. Call the Stage Manager in the Lighting Booth when the lobby is clear.
  4. Place Appreciation sign up sheets out in lobby 10 minutes before production ends.
  5. After the production, keep the Theatre Box Office open until audience has evacuated the building.
  6. Take down signs every night otherwise custodians will thrown them away.
  7. Bring in Gruenwald box and lock safe
  8. Turn off all lights and make sure all doors are closed and locked


Plug batteries in before opening night and unplug after the last Sunday performance.

  1. Check out the receiver before the performance.
  2. Check in the receiver after the performance.
  3. Test each receiver prior to a performance to assure that it is in good working order.
  4. Charge batteries as needed.
    If lost or mal-functioning, report the situation by memo to the Theatre Office.
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