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Theatre Minors

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Theatre Program

Theatre Core Courses

Theatre Arts Minor

Theatre Ed Minor

Core Courses

The Theatre Program offers a core of courses that every Theatre major must take. These courses prepare the student for one of three possible tracks of study. The core courses are also used for the Theatre Education Minor.

Theatre 102; Script Analysis for the Theatre, 3 cr.
Analysis of the script as a blueprint for production. Emphasis on plot, theme, and character analysis. Plays studied in this course will serve as a foundation for subsequent theatre courses.

Theatre 204; Survey of Theatre History, 3 cr.
Survey of the major movements in theatre history, emphasis on methods of production; physical playhouse, staging techniques, acting management; minor focus on criticism and dramatic literature. Prerequisite: 96-102 or permission of the instructor.

Theatre 367; Fundamentals of Play Directing, 3 cr.
A study and application of the principles and techniques of directing: Composition, level, plane, tempo, plot development, casting, play selection. Prerequisites: 96-102, and 96-205 or 96-308 or consent of instructor.

Theatre 402; Senior Project, 3 cr.
Extended project to demonstrate proficiency in an area of theatre; acting, directing, design, history and criticism. Student will demonstrate proficiency in achievement of program goals and objectives as set down in the Theatre Assessment Plan. Prerequisite: Senior status and permission of the instructor.


Theatre Arts Minor

Recommended for students who wish to minor in Theatre Arts while majoring in another area of study.

Required Units (crs.): 21 minimum

Required Courses:
Theatre 102- Script Analysis; Theatre 204- Survey of Theatre History; Theatre 367- Fundamentals of Directing.

One of these:
Theatre 205- Fundamentals of Acting (3) OR Theatre 308- Acting Studio I (4)

One of these:
Theatre 351- Costume Construction (3) OR Theatre 369- Stagecrafts (3)

Electives to total 21 credits.

Theatre Education Minor

Recommended for students who wish to teach Theatre and related areas in the secondary (6-12) or elementary grades.

Required Units (crs.): 25 minimum

Required Courses: Communications: 111, 444.
Theatre 102, 204, 205, 367, 369.

Other Requirements: Methods course COMM 441 is required of all Secondary Education Majors and Minors in Speech.

Sufficient courses from the Department's offerings to meet the Minimum Requirement.


Theatre 389/589 Creative Drama 3 cr.
Study of the creative processes by which children, under the guidance of an adult leader, are engaged in an improvised, non-exhibitional form of drama.

Theatre 465; Children's Theatre; 3 cr.
A study of the history, rationale, and special problems of theatre for youth, K-12. Emphasis upon play selection, production techniques, acting for young audiences using adult and child actors, and the new participation drama.

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