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Design Track

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Theatre Program

Design Emphasis

Core Courses

The Theatre Program offers a core of courses that every Theatre major must take. These courses prepare the student for one of three possible tracks of study. The core courses are also used for the Theatre Education Minor.

Theatre 102; Script Analysis for the Theatre, 3 cr.
Analysis of the script as a blueprint for production. Emphasis on plot, theme, and character analysis. Plays studied in this course will serve as a foundation for subsequent theatre courses.

Theatre 204; Survey of Theatre History, 3 cr.
Survey of the major movements in theatre history, emphasis on methods of production; physical playhouse, staging techniques, acting management; minor focus on criticism and dramatic literature. Prerequisite: 96-102 or permission of the instructor.

Theatre 367; Fundamentals of Play Directing, 3 cr.
A study and application of the principles and techniques of directing: Composition, level, plane, tempo, plot development, casting, play selection. Prerequisites: 96-102, and 96-205 or 96-308 or consent of instructor.

Theatre 402; Senior Project, 3 cr.
Extended project to demonstrate proficiency in an area of theatre; acting, directing, design, history and criticism. Student will demonstrate proficiency in achievement of program goals and objectives as set down in the Theatre Assessment Plan. Prerequisite: Senior status and permission of the instructor.

Design Technology Track

The design technology track is set up to guide the student interested in pursuing a career in stage design and technology. Scenery, lighting and costumes are covered in each studio course indicated. The intention is to give the student a holistic understanding of design for the stage. 36 Credits required.

Theatre 202: History of Styles for the Designer, 3 cr.
Survey of architecture, furniture, decoration, clothing from the classical period to the present. Study of research methods for the scenic, costume and production designer.

Theatre 203: Fundamentals of Design, 3 cr.
Study of drafting and drawing techniques for the scenic, costume and lighting designer.

Theatre 371; Design Studio I, 3 cr.
Introduction to the Design Studio Program. Development of the designer's skills of visual communication, imagination, and understanding of the collaborative nature of the designing for the theatre through individual and group projects. Prerequisites: 96-102, 96-202, 96-203.

Theatre 372; Design Studio II, 3 cr.
The second course in the Design Studio sequence. Skills required in Studio I are applied to concept and text in Studio II. Students will work with concept development in the theatrical experiment. Prerequisite: 96-371.

Theatre 473; Design Studio III, 3 cr.
This course focuses on design theory and techniques related to the study of production design for film and television. Prerequisite: 96-371.

Theatre 351; Costume Construction for Stage and Screen, 3 cr.
Study of patterning and construction techniques used in the creation of costumes and their accessories. Course will include dyeing and distressing techniques used in costumes for stage, television and film.

Theatre 369; Stage Craft (2+3), 3 cr.
The principles, procedures and practices of technical theatre production.

Theatre 205; Fundamentals of Acting, 3 cr.
Basic theories and techniques of acting. Body and voice training as a basis for development of dramatic characterization. Application of course content through presentation of scenes from distinguished dramatic literature. Prerequisite: Comm 111.


Theatre 308; Acting Studio I: The Actor's Resources, 4 cr.
Introduction to the Acting Studio Program. Development of the actor's physical and vocal expressiveness, imagination, and understanding of the acting process through vocal and physical exercises, improvisations, theatre games and introductory scene work. Prerequisite: 96-102 and permission of the instructor.

Sufficient Elective courses from Theatre offerings to meet Minimum requirement.


Theatre Electives:
Theatre History Electives

Theatre Majors are required to take a Theatre History course in addition to the core Theatre History course from the options listed below:

Theatre-340 Musical Comedy in America 3 cr.
A study of the historical development of American musical theatre, and an analysis of its dramatic forms; musical comedy, operetta, and music drama.

Theatre 342; Non-Western Theatre, 3 cr.
A study of theatre outside the Euro-centric or Western tradition (to include African, Asian, Indian, Mid-eastern, and Native American ritual, libation, dance, puppetry, masks, storytelling, etc.) which enlarges the frame of reference leading to discoveries about form and concept of theatre in general. Prerequisites: 96-204 or permission of instructor.

Theatre 360; History of the American Theatre 3 cr.
The study of theatre in America from the 18th Century to the present; the development of native playwrights, actors, and critics, and the dramaturgy of representative plays.

Theatre 404; Elizabethan Theatre History, 3 cr.
Study of the theatrical conditions under which Elizabethan drama developed including physical playhouse, staging practices, acting company organization. Prerequisites: 96-204 or permission of the instructor.


Additional Theatre Electives

The following Theatre Electives are designed to help round out the student's understanding of Theatrical field of study. These courses can also be used for the Integrated Track.

Theatre 165; Voice and Diction, 3 cr.
Training course for the normal voice to prepare for interpretation, acting, public address, and other areas.

Theatre 253; Makeup for Stage and Screen, 3 cr.
Study of the materials and techniques used in the creation and application of make-up in theatre, film and television. This course includes 2D and 3D techniques for the purpose of establishing age and character.

Theatre 330; Stage Management, 3 cr.
Study of principles and techniques of management for the stage, from prerehearsal preparations to running of rehearsals and performances. Includes practical application and special projects.

Theatre 346; Props for the Stage, 3 cr.
Provides a foundation in the process of organizing, procurring, and constructing props for theatrical productions. Topics include developing a props list, strategies and sources to aquire props, and skills needed to shop-build props using a variety of techniques.

Theatre 373; Lighting and Sound for the Stage, 3 cr.
An introduction to light and sound techniques for the stage. An excellent class for either beginners or to add to your existing knowledge of lighting and sound.

Theatre 376; Paintng and Dyeing for the Theatre, 3 cr.
An introduction to the techniques and practices of painting and dyeing fabric for Theatrical, TV and Film productions. This course requires hands on exposure to different products and materials in a safe environment.

Theatre 378; Stage Combat, 3 cr.
An introduction to the wide range of fighting styles, armed and unarmed combat for stage and film with the utmost attention to safety. In addition it explores concentration and relaxation skills as well as acting, directing, and choreography aspects of stage combat.

Theatre Participation Classes
Theatre Participation classes enable students the opportunity to get credit while being involved in hands-on experience in Theatre Production Activities. A wide range of opportunities are available.

  • Theatre 167, 262, 362; Theatre Participation-Technical (0+3), 1 cr.
    Participation in technical aspects of scenery, lighting, sound, properties, or costumes for department sponsored productions.
  • Theatre 363, 462; Theatre Participation - Acting or Directing (0+3) 1 cr.
    Participation as actor in department sponsored productions (auditions required) or participation as director (application required the previous spring semester) for department sponsored production.
  • Theatre 168, 460; Theatre Participation- Publicity and Management (0+3) 1 cr.
    Participation in-house management, stage management and publicity for the department sponsored productions.

Theatre 433; Entertainment Law, 3 cr.
Laws and regulations governing radio, television, motion pictures, and theatre. Includes the relationships of the broadcast/media manager, artistic director, and actor to each other and to agencies such as Congress, the courts, the FCC, and other regulatory agencies. Prerequisite: Cululative 2.5 GPA and Comm 210, Thr 102, or consent of instructor.

Theatre 469; Advanced Directing, 3 cr.
Advanced study of representational and presentational forms, new directing concepts, and practical applications of directing principles in period and contemporary dramas including one major production project. Prerequisite: 96-367 or consent of instructor.

Theatre 463/663; Theatre Production Seminar, 1-3 cr.
Focus on specialized problems in directing, design, technical and theatre and stage management. May be repeated three times for up to 12 units (crs.) provided the topic varies.

This course has enabled students to take seminar courses in Scenic Painting and Dyeing, Properties for the Stage, Stage Combat, Advanced Costume Construction, and The Plays of Arthur Miller.

Playwriting Classes
The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offers study in playwriting. The courses are offered through the Creative Writing component of the English Department. Many students compete for the Student Playwriting contest coordinated by Richard Kalinoski, our resident playwright.

  • Thr 374/Eng 329; Creative Writing: Playwriting I
    A workshop in playwriting, focusing on the distinctive qualities of theatrical production and the basic skills of dialogue, plot and collaboration with supporting theatre artists. Prerequisite: Eng 208 or consent of instructor.
  • Thr 375/Eng 330; Creative Writing: Playwriting II
    An advanced workshop in playwriting fodusing intensively on student writing with invited feedback from directors, designers, dramaturgs, and other writers. Students will complete a one-act play or other proposed project. Prerequisite: Thr 374/Eng 329 or consent of instructor.
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