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The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a standardized, multiple choice examination designed to assess the examinee's problem solving, critical thinking, writing skills and knowledge of science concepts and principles perquisite to the study of medicine. Scores are reported in Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Writing Sample, and Biological Sciences.

Medical colleges consider MCAT scores as part of their admission process. Almost all U.S. medical schools required applicants to submit MCAT scores. Many schools do not accept MCAT scores that are more than three years old.


More Information

  • The MCAT is Computerized: Starting in January 2007 the MCAT has been delivered as a computerized exam only. There will be 22 test administrations per year with both morning and afternoon session’s offerings throughout the year.  For test dates and locations please check the MCAT web page. The total test day has been reduced from an all day test to approximately five hours.
  • Registration: Check the MCAT web page for registration information and cost for the test.  Registration is done online beginning six months before each test date. A credit card is needed to register for the MCAT.
  • Identification Requirements: Each candidate must be positively identified before he or she can be admitted to the test. You must provide two pieces of personal identification in the form of a current government-issued ID, containing your photo and signature (e.g. driver’s license or passport). If you do not have government-issued identification, you must contact the MCAT Program Office prior to registering for the exam.
  • MCAT Website: Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).
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