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Preparing for Test Scoring

  • When submitting tests for scoring, be sure to submit a Test Scoring Work Request form, which can be found at the drop box locations, department offices and the Testing Services office. It is not necessary to submit more than one Test Scoring Work Request per semester per class unless making changes to the original.
  • Use green scan forms (8.5 x 11 in.) for first item only to be scored (i.e. exam, quiz, etc.) and blue scan forms (1/2 sheet) for all remaining exams, quizzes, etc. to be scored. There are currently 2 green (one old-5 answer choice, one new-6 answer choice) and 2 blue (one old-5 answer choice, one new-6 answer choice) scan forms circulating on campus. Please use all the same forms for students for each test administration. DO NOT MIX FORMS!
  • Be sure to submit test keys that are labeled with test/quiz number and course number with section included.Key(s) should be bubbled in on same type of scan form that students are using for that test/quiz/etc.
  • If you are having tests scored for two separate sections and want them in separate rosters, please separate sections.
  • Be sure students have filled in proper ID bubbles (students should use the 7 digit ID number found on their Titan ID card) and test version bubble, if there are two or more versions of the test (i.e. version a, b, c, or d).
  • If you are administering more than one version of a test, it is helpful to have scan forms separated by version.
  • Be sure bubbles on students' scan forms are filled in dark and complete with a #2 pencil (felt marking pens and ink pens cannot be read by the scanner).
  • If you wish to have your scores put into a roster in Excel format and emailed to you, please check the appropriate box on the Test Scoring Work Request form and include your email address.
  • Instructors should bubble in the "exam number" section (green sheet) or the "instructor use" section (blue sheet) on key ONLY WHEN essay exams are being scored or for extra credit points.
  • If instructor or department secretary uses ParTest/ParScore, and plan to use the Check In/Check Out method for transferring scoring data, the instructor or department secretary should contact the Test Scoring Coordinator to have a folder set up on the S-drive.
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