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UWO's Recycling Guide

The "Do's and Don'ts" of recycling at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Do Recycle Paper

  • Newspaper
  • Paper bags (e.g., brown grocery bags)
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Corrugated cardboard (place large boxes beside bins)
  • Office paper (printer/copier of all colors)
  • Junk Mail and envelopes (windows are okay)
  • Beverage 12/24 packs (e.g., soda packs)
  • Paperboard products (e.g., tissue boxes and notepad backs)
  • Cardboard tubes
  • File folders (remove metal hangers from hanging type folders)
  • Shredded paper (contained in a paper bag and not loose)


Do NOT Recycle

(Items to throw away with your normal garbage)

  • Pizza boxes
  • Personal hygiene paper products (e.g., facial tissues)
  • Frozen food boxes
  • Dairy cartons
  • Paper with food on it
  • Paper cups used for fountain beverages like at Reeve
  • Styrofoam containers
  • Plastic bags


Do Recycle Containers

(Place LOOSE inside recycling bins)

  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Ferrous metal "tin" food cans (labels and lids on)
  • Glass food and beverage containers (clear, blue, brown, green)
  • Plastic narrow-necked containers marked with #1 or #2 (without caps, cap rings are okay)


Not Recyclable

(Items to be thrown away in your normal garbage)

  • Wide mouth #1 and #2 CONTAINERS - that contained these items:
    oil, brake, transmission fluid, margarine, ice cream containers
  • Engine oil bottles
  • Pesticide or other hazardous chemical bottles
  • Empty paint cans
  • Window glass, drinking glasses, glass baking dishes (Pyrex)
  • Ice cream buckets, cat litter pails
  • #3 - #7 plastics
  • Plant flats and pots
  • Light bulbs
  • Aluminum foil and cooking trays


Current Recycling System Bin

Recycling Bin;

This recycling system is called Single Stream Recycling which can accept paper, plastic, glass, and metal products.  However please follow the Recycling Guide's Do's and Dont's to know which specific items can be recycled at UWO.

by Husar Martin, Emily M last modified Sep 29, 2014 04:07 PM

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