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Join A Club

Many groups and clubs are funded through student fees. You pay for them, so why not use them? Get involved today!

Oshkosh Student Association

OSA, the main student government organization at UW Oshkosh, makes big decisions. This organization supports the Campus Sustainability Plan as well as their own initiatives.


All students living in residence halls at UWO are members of USRH; however, the USRH legislature is the governing body that sets policies and oversees almost all happenings that concern residence life and sustainability initiatives.

Campus Sustainability Council

UWO students, faculty and staff make up the Campus Sustainability Council, whose purpose is to advise the administration and the director of sustainability. There are several student openings each year, as well as representatives appointed by OSA and USRH.

Food Committee

Students and staff of the Food Committee work together to set policies for campus dining, which is full of sustainability issues including: health, local farms, energy, water, trade, environment, and forest and animal welfare.

Student Environmental Action Coalition

SEAC is one of the oldest environmental organizations on campus and a major supporter of campus environmental events in addition to their own initiatives.

Student Garden Club

The Club was formed to organize student activities and broaden their purview to other sustainable gardening needs on campus, including rain gardens for storm water, native plantings for wildlife, educational gardens, and aesthetic plantings that beautify the campus.

Earth Charter Community Summit

The Summit is a week of events linked to the Earth Charter document that guides UW Oshkosh sustainability efforts and are meant to

provide a bridge to the Oshkosh Community. Some planning starts in spring semester, but a planning committee forms in early summer and works through to the fall events. For more information, contact Maureen Muldoon, committee chair and Geology Department.

Earth Week Planning Committee

Earth Week is an extension of Earth Day, a celebration of action for the environment. The Earth Week Planning Committee organizes the spring events and usually starts working during the fall semester. For more information, contact Stephanie Spehar, committee chair and Anthropology Department.

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