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Waste Reduction

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UW Oshkosh Recycling Guide

When it comes to reducing waste, there are not many institutions that do it better than UW Oshkosh. In accordance with the University’s Sustainability Plan, there is a strong, growing on-campus recycling and waste reduction program. In 2010, two years ahead of schedule, we met our goal to reduce the production of solid waste levels by 30 percent from the 2000 levels.

Our campus has been recycling since the 1980s.  We currently recycle paper, cardboard, cans and bottles, rechargeable batteries, printer cartridges, tires, oil, wood, metal, and electronics.  We have also seen decreases in waste generation (see graph below).  Recent construction projects have achieved recycling rates of 85-96%.  Residence Life supports recycling and re-use donation programs as part of Move-Out Week.  We have run public events involving the arts, TRASHformation, in partnership with Los Angeles-based RuckusRoots.   

Learn more about waste management at UWO in the Campus Sustainability Plan.

For more information on the waste stream at UW Oshkosh, view the  2010 Waste Audit Presentation and Report produced by students in the Environmental Studies course on Campus Sustainability.

 Events focused on reducing waste: 

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