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Student Services Buildings

UW Oshkosh students fund and help manage several major buildings on campus. The student service buildings provide food, shopping, entertainment, meeting space, recreation, physical activities, career services and counseling.


Reeve Memorial Union

The Reeve Union Board is a student organization that helps make decisions that affect the services Reeve provides.

How students influenced sustainable practices in Reeve?

  • All Reeve and University Dining printers are defaulted to double-sided printing.
  • University Dining gave out water bottles and established a discount on fountain beverages for students to encourage refills and less use of cups.
  • New napkin dispensers were implemented to prevent misuse and over usage.


Student Recreation and Wellness Center

The SRWC Advisory Committee is a student run committee that often adds input into programs and policies at SRWC. Students can become members of this committee as vacancies occur.

If you are interested in making your voice heard within SRWC, email Tom Patt.


Student Success Center

The new Student Success Center provides students a one-stop hub for all student funded advising, counseling, as well as career and academic services.

How is SSC sustainable?

  • UWO renovated an existing building that used to be a dining hall and added 11,000 square feet to the existing 31,500 square feet building.
  • Large windows have been created to increase the amount of natural light; therefore, cutting a large amount of energy.
  • A ground-source (geothermal) heat pump unit was constructed beneath an adjacent parking lot, making it the largest state owned building to utilize geothermal heating and cooling technology.
  • The renovated building is 75 percent more energy efficient.

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