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UW Oshkosh provides sustainable, on-campus living options as well as offers student organizations involved in greening buildings and changing lifestyles.

We give students the opportunity to live in greener, sustainable residence halls, such as Taylor Hall, which was renovated in 2005. A residence hall is currently being constructed at the former site of Nelson, Breese and Clemans Halls, and will incorporate advanced sustainable resources.


United Students in Residence Halls

Serve & Support All Students. Serve & Support All Halls.

Students have the ability to voice their opinions about current housing issues by joining the United Students in Residence Halls (USRH). USRH members have a large voice in the decisions made to manage and build residence halls, as well as the services offered at the University. This group of students had a voice in the renovation of Taylor Hall in 2005, and has assisted in planning the construction of the new residence hall currently being constructed.



In fall 2010, a pilot program called Eco-Reps hired and trained student residents to be environmental stewards for their residence halls. The Eco-Reps are to help residents get the most out of their buildings while reducing their environmental impacts. Learn more at the Residence Life page on their commitment to sustainability.


Taylor Hall

Following LEED criteria, Taylor Hall was renovated in 2005. Renovations included adding more efficient heating and cooling systems, more windows that allow natural light to be used, new plumbing and water systems, and the use of LED lighting.


Horizon Village

Horizon Village, our newest residence hall, sits on the corner of Algoma Boulevard and Elmwood Avenue. It opened in the fall of 2012 and received the LEED Gold certification in May 2013. Materials from the former Breese, Nelson and Clemens Halls, which Horizon replaces, were used in the construction.

Horizon Village features:

  • geothermal energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels in heating and cooling the building
  • numerous energy-efficient elements, including many windows to fully maximize natural lighting
  • solar collectors to supply some electricity to the hall
  • green roofs also will be constructed, which will feature live plants that help lessen runoff from the building
  • bamboo and cork, renewable materials that are environmentally friendly, for walls and floors
  • retention gardens as landscaping to purify and slow storm water
  • a small amphitheater for social interaction and events
  • an 80-bicycle storage area to allow residence storage


Learn more about Residence Life at UW Oshkosh.

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