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Sustainable Food

Students drive sustainable dining through the UW Oshkosh Food Committee. By becoming part of the Food Committee, students voice their opinions about food being served on campus. The Committee not only consists of students, but faculty and staff also are involved.


What Have Students Done?

  • UW Oshkosh students have voted to serve only free-range chicken eggs at dining services across campus
  • In 2010, students petitioned to veto a decision to bring a KFC restaurant to Reeve Union Marketplace because of animal rights issues.
  • Students urged the University to buy smaller trays to cut down on food waste at all campus locations. The tray switch helped decrease food consumption making less waste and a smaller carbon foot print that our campus carries.
  • Today, Blackhawk Commons is trayless! The fiscal year 08-09 accounted for 468,658 meals sold, so nearly half a million trays had to be washed. By current figures, going trayless saves around 123,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Some vending machines now are sensor active so the machine will not be lit until it detects a customer or the customer hits a button, cutting down on energy consumption.

To learn more about food services and sustainability on campus, visit University Dining Services.

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