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Civic Engagement

At UWO, we aim to give our students the knowledge, skills, values and motivation to actively engage in personal, public, and political processes that are individually and socially enriching in order to promote quality of life in our communities. To that end, we encourage voting and dialogue with decision makers. Here we provide information about elected officials and current sustainability policy issues.

Check out the Conservation Scorecard drawn up by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters to see how different elected officials voted to support conservation initiatives in over the past year. The John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club created a Legislative Scorecard as well. Click here to see how their perspective compares and get more info about issues.

Click the inks below to find the elected officials for your area. is the place to go for all info about state officials, but you can also find them on the assembly pages linked below.

Find more information about the WI legislature session schedule, current proposals, and the process of how a bill becomes a law!

Read more about issues that affect:

If you know about an issue that we haven't listed yet, send us an email ( We will try to give you neutral information and let you make your own decisions, but we do have a certain worldview and mission. If you think we get too far off course, let us know that as well. We want to include everyone in these important conversations!

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