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Green Living Guide

We hope that as UW Oshkosh continues its effort towards becoming a more sustainable higher education institution, individuals will make a conscious effort to do the same. Here are quick tips YOU can use to reduce your footprint:



  • Tune in and turn off! Turn off lights and computers when not in use and convince your friends to do the same.
  • Check appliances, such as computers, that continue to use electricity even when turned off. Switch off the power bar you are using or unplug the computer.
  • When we are having cold Wisconsin weather, wear warm clothing rather than turn up the heat.


    Waste Reduction


    • Get to know where the recycling containers are on campus.
    • Learn what can be recycled and what cannot. Did you know we have switched to single-stream recycling?
    • Be careful that the cans and bottles are empty -- one container with liquid in it contaminates the entire contents of the bin.
    • Recycle, and ask your friends to do the same.



    • Stop the Drop! Turn off faucets when you are not using them and report leaks so they can be fixed.
    • Take showers instead of baths, and take shorter showers.
    • Don't pour motor oil or other liquid pollutants into storm drains -- they end up in our lakes and rivers.



    • Purchase Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, fruit, and spices whenever possible. Did you know UWO is the nation's first Fair Trade University?
    • Eat more organic food. It's good for you and supports more sustainable agriculture.
    • Support local farmers by purchasing food at farmers markets or directly from the farm.
    • Purchase meat that has been raised in a certified humane way.



    • Forget the car. Bike, walk or take the bus! Did you know that with your Titan ID you can ride the bus for free?
    • If you are a commuter, carpool to reduce fuel usage. You'll save money too!
    • If you buy a car, look for those with the highest gas mileage and the lowest emissions.



    • When you buy paper products, try to find a brand with 100% post-consumer content.
    • Buy eco-friendly cleaners. Vinegar is natural, works well, and is inexpensive.

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