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Campus green funds exist all over the country and around the world in higher education. The association for the advancement of sustainability in higher education (AASHE) is one of the premier sources of information, guidelines, and implementation of various sustainability related work in higher education and serves as aHorizon_Village.jpg template for many green funds and can be an invaluable tool for exploring other universities green funds and what best practices exist elsewhere today.

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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is currently in the process of designing a campus green fund. The green fund initiative was approved in the 2012-2013 school year by student referendum and is being designed to raise student funds (≈ $6.00 per year per student) for students to use for green initiatives. The student senate is charged with carrying out the design and implementation of the plan and it will function to approve properly crafted and qualifying applications.

Green funds are funds that are generated by university students in order to pool resources for the purpose of creating so-called green initiatives. Green initiatives at other campuses have included, but are certainly not limited to: hydration stations, green roofs, greenhouses, gardens, tree plantings, lighting and plumbing upgrades, alternative energy installation, green roofs, trash and recycling upgrades, res hall competitions, green marketing, inviting green speakers, conducting green workshops, working with city and community members in green and sustainable partnerships, and much more.

(National Union of Students (NUS) of England talking about their Green Funds):


The green fund was approved by students and is a natural extension of student and university values today. With this student support, as well as chancellor Wells creation of the campus sustainability council in 2010 we are heading in a sustainable direction. The new (as of fall 2013) University Studies Program (USP) that infuses sustainability into the curriculum has been the latest advancement of sustainable principles being carried out in a truly innovative and groundbreaking way. Furthermore, our signing of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) mandates we help lead society to carbon neutrality by educating students to be responsible citizens capable of transitioning to a just and sustainable world.

These factors have been accumulating over the past few years and are setting UW Oshkosh up to be leader in the field of sustainability, capable of fulfilling our commitment over the coming years, and acting as a leader capable of training not only knowledgable student citizens, but arming those students with the tools necessary for transitioning our world to sustainability - a transition greater than any other faced in recent history.

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