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This section on Campus Basics was created with student Sustainability Advisors (or eco-reps) in mind. These trained and paid students are resource hubs for environmental stewardship in campus housing and dining. This section will help SAs and others to learn many sustainability fundamentals as they relate to campuses and green living. These materials can help to get students who want to make a positive environmental impact to start asking the right questions about sustainability in their lives.

Many students lack the basic understanding of the issues that comprise sustainability. This is understandable as there are many complex and interwoven aspects to sustainability that can be difficult to comprehend, apply, and follow in everyday life. The references that follow are intended to be more digestible and user-friendly for those who are looking to spread the concepts to those with limited experience in the realm of sustainability.

Sustainability in founded, more or less, on the basis of mass participation to influence mass cooperation and community involvement in order to tackle the vast issues that confront us with regards to social inequalities, economic uncertainty, and environmental degradation. Without an informed and broad base of knowledge on a mass scale, we are unlikely to confront these issues with anything meaningful. That is why it is so important to involve, educate, and communicate with those who lack this knowledge.

Campus basics should act as a starting point for SA's in relaying digestible material to fellow students. However, this is by no means a comprehensive list of every needed for students to learn related to sustainability. It puts some broad concepts such as ecological footprintclimate changebiodiversity loss, renewable energies, and more into a context whereby students are armed to explore the myriad of other issues that exist today.

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(Sage Hall and solar flowers at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh)

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