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Biomimicry is as old as our species, but is a relatively new focus for science. Research and development in this field capitalizes on Earth's great complexity to mimic nature's patterns, processes, and structures to inspire innovations, inventions, and strategies in the name of progress. The goal is to mimic useful attributes of unique creatures or specialized ecosystem features and functions from around the world. Although biomimicry can be applied to unsustainable activities and products, the sustainability community has embraced the concept for its potential to contribute new technologies to the sustainability cause.

Biomimicry has countless potential benefits, including:

  • technologies like new glues, medicines,nano-engineering, bullet proof vests
  • design ideas for architecture, bridges, and other fabrications
  • management techniques for agriculture
...and much, much more. As we discover more from the biodiversity on the planet (though that is rapidly declining), we see examples to improve existing technology as well as create new technologies and solutions to old problems.

Designers have taken note, and there is now a global challenge (with a $100,000 prize attached) that focuses on biomimicry. Check out this page for more info about this year's contest. Here's a video of one the former submissions that won 2nd place!


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