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Teaching Materials Form

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh faculty and staff have developed numerous teaching materials relevant to teaching sustainability. Recently, the production of teaching materials has grown rapidly due to interested faculty, a faculty development effort called the Winnebago Project, grants from the U.S. Department of Education, and the assembling of data for campus sustainability assessment and decision making.

Please use this form to submit materials for inclusion in the UW Oshkosh Sustainability Teaching Materials Collection. You will be asked to submit the materials as a file that a user can download, provide a title and brief description, and select categories we can use for indexing the file.

This information will be provided to users who may wish to contact you. We will only post your phone, email, address or website if listed in the following text field.
Please provide a brief description of your teaching materials. The maximum length accepted is 1,000 characters. Longer descriptions should be provided as introductory or appended pages within the document.
characters remaining
Please locate and upload your file using the "Browse" button below.
Select at least one or more of the following topics. If you select "other," please provide topic heading suggestions in the Comments text box below.
Select at least one or more of the following teaching approaches. If you select "other," please provide pedagogical heading suggestions in the Comments text box below.
By posting my materials here, I am releasing intellectual property rights and allowing free use of the submitted materials.


Thank you for contributing to teaching sustainability materials. Your entries will be emailed to staff responsible for maintaining this Web page, and we ask for your patience in updating the list of materials.

If you need assistance with classifying your work into the categories above or have suggestions about how to improve this form, please contact Stephanie Spehar.

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