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Academic Year 2015-16

Wood Duck Boxes by Matt McTrusty

Amount Requested: $275.00 USD

Status: fully funded, installation planned for spring 2017

"I am an avid outdoorsman, hunter, and nature enthusiast.  I have spent countless hours putting wood duck boxes in place along creeks, rivers, ponds, and marshes.  My passion is waterfowl preservation for my generation and generations to come.  I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to building things and have all the necessary tools to get the job done."


Nesting boxes were installed along the riverfront next to the SRWC in April 2017. We hope to see them in use already this spring!

Nest box installation with SRWC in backgroundNest box installation with river in background


Free School by Tayler Harlow & Emily Husar Martin

Amount Requested: $6,100.00

Status: $5,800.00 USD funded, complete

"A Free School provides free knowledge to be passed through communities by workshops, lectures, classes, demonstrations, and conversations...In addition, this event will focus on sustainability education that caters to mitigating and adapting to climate change."


The Free School was great fun and community building in 2016 and and even bigger success in 2017! Check out the Facebook page for details, photos, and info on how to get involved next year.

solar ovens at the 1st annual UWO Free SchoolShannon Davis-Foust teaches Tae Kwon Do at the 1st annual UWO Free SchoolDan from Hedgehog Yard & Garden Service gives a vermicomposting demonstration at the first annual UWO Free School

Recycling Dumpster at Oshkosh Sport Complex by Emily Husar Martin

Amount Requested: $5,500.00 USD

Status: fully funded, complete, with some funding left over (still deciding how to use this)

"This project will allow recycling at the UW-Oshkosh Sports Complex by allowing them to add another enclosure to add a recycling dumpster...Diverting recyclables from the landfill is extremely important for the community that lives near the landfill, their water supply, and for the entire ecosystem health. Also this allows the Oshkosh community, campus community, and other guests that attend sporting events to learn and/or participate in recycling!"

Outdoor Classroom by Bethany Strong & Shelby Brockman

Amount Requested: $5,000.00 USD

Status: not funded; Committee interested but proposal needs revision with more stakeholder involvement from Facilities & Space Planning Commission

"After experiencing many classes outdoors, we thought it would be extremely beneficial if there was a designated space outside to hold classes, while still learning just as efficiently as in a traditional classroom. In addition to having an engaging outdoor space to learn, the outdoor classroom will provide students with a deeper sense of connection to the natural areas of campus."

REC Power Stations by Kevin Borisy and Emily Husar Martin

Amount Requested: $9,167.00 USD

Status: $1,824 funded for Phase I only

"There will be two parts to this proposal. The first section will include a bike station [that allows any pedal bike to be placed in and] shows how much the pedaling person is producing in Watts...This station will be used as an educational tool for the Oshkosh and campus community. The second part of this project will be focused in the REC. We are proposing to have 2 workout machine stations that allow the users to produce their own energy to power their personal electronics...This section of the project will also allow the users to see the power they produce but on a more personal level than the educational Pedal-A-Watt section."

Read the full proposal here.

Deco Daisy℗TM Solar Flower Sculpture by Aaron Garrett-Schesch

Amount Requested: $10,800.00 USD

Status: not funded due to concerns about quality of product and discrepancies with campus' future plan

"There are five main objectives for this project. First, to showcase the practical application of renewable energy systems by demonstrating how solar energy can be used to provide a superior, and sustainable solution to outdoor lighting problems. Two, to increase public safety by increasing overall pedestrian visibility. Three, to enhance the university’s emergency preparedness by providing autonomous, stand alone battery based, sovereign lighting fixtures that operate free from the utilities electric grid. Four, to contribute to the enhancement, and beautification of the campus by installing 36 to 144 of these intriguingly appealing, and innovative Deco Daisy℗TM solar flower sculptures throughout the campuses common spaces. Five, to highlight the university’s forward thinking by continuing it’s tradition of installing solar systems that are both practical and productive."

Reduce, Reuse, THEN Recycle by Rebecca Docter

Amount Requested: n/a

Status: application incomplete - no funds requested

"In order to successfully reduce the amount of plastic cups used at campus cafes, I’d like to propose that the UWO cafes charge an additional thirty cents to each drink purchase in order to cover the charge of using a plastic cup. This will encourage customers to use reusable mugs while simultaneously raising awareness on the importance of sustainability."

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