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Process Guidelines

With the growth of sustainability in higher education and an increasing awareness of global climate change, as well as ecological, economic, and social issues confronting the world, this fund is aimed at empowering students to resolve some of these issues at the campus level.

This is student money, for use by students, for students. However, the foundations of the Green Fund should recognize that student action plays a role in a much larger picture that can have a lasting impact on the greater community and should not ignore the relationship with it.

What is a Green Initiative?

A green initiative is a proposal that uses the Green Fund mechanism to get ideas from students that further benefit UW Oshkosh’s existing sustainability plan, as well as expands the scope, vision, and depth of the plan to further create a fair, just, and sound future for those who learn here.

A green initiative, as it pertains to University of Oshkosh’s Green Fund, should focus on creating sustainability learning opportunities and a permanent culture that is ecologically, economically, and socially viable. Proposals that advance a legacy, a sense of place on campus, innovation, and efforts to create a culture of involved and participatory citizens should be encouraged.

Green Fund Initiative Guidelines:

The following guidelines are meant to encourage idea’s that meaningfully pursue the original intent of the Green Fund and the best practices seen around the world on the topics of sustainability, as well as encouraging innovation and educational ends in green and sustainable ways.

These guidelines may be weighted differently based upon perceived actionable items, type of proposal (infrastructure, educational, etc.), level of connection to current campus sustainability vision, and more. Any disputes over the weighing or legitimacy of initiatives should be resolved by the Green Fund Committee, advisors, relevant stakeholders, and sustainability experts, with final decision making being up to the committee. Furthermore, different rubrics will be used depending on the proposal to increase fairness in weighing initiatives.

Specific guidelines including but not limited to:

  • Impact on campus legacy (how will it benefit students, campus, etc.)
  • Additional to what is planned (should not replace business as usual repairs, maintenance, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Must acknowledge and recognize any stakeholders (facilities, faculty, etc.)
  • Must be implemented on campus property with possible exceptions that should receive unanimous consent of all members involved (possible referendum)
  • Must follow campus Green Fund application components (rubric)
  • Should show expected value of project (metrics for success)

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