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Certification Organizations

NameLogoFormer nameFormer logo
Fair Trade Federationnew logo 


old logo
World Fair Trade Organization International Fair Trade Association old logo
Fair for Life Fair for Life.jpg none none
Fairtrade International 

Fairtrade International.png none none
Fair Trade USA Fair Trade USA.jpg TransFair Fair Trade USA_old_large.jpg
Fair Wild Foundation FairWild.png none none

The Fair Trade Federation and World Fair Trade Organization are both global-scale trade associations. They certify member companies or organizations who have committed to Fair Trade values and practices; such commitments are checked for adherence on a regular basis. These associations do not certify products.

Fair for Life certifies both organizations and products.

Fairtrade International, Fair Trade USA, and the Fair Wild Foundation certify products. Some companies will have all/only Fair Trade products; some companies will only have a few Fair Trade options in their product lineup. Look for these logos on individual product descriptions, tags, or packaging.

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