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Objective: To increase the number of sustainable purchasing policies for more than 50% of campus spending by 2019.


  • Create and manage a Shop@UW folder for UW Oshkosh Preferable Supplies to promote and make it easier to purchase supplies that are energy star-rated, recycled-content, etc.
  • Ensure proper training of individuals about the suggested “green” list of products
  • Purchase recycled content paper with a preference of 100% recycled-content.
  • When applicable, life cycle analysis will be included into new contracts in anticipation of ACUPCC requirements.
  • When applicable, new contracts will include language about the provider using smart-size packaging that will help reduce packaging waste along with using recyclable packaging.
  • When possible, track sustainable purchases and report this to the Sustainability office as well as to campus community annually. (This includes Fair Trade).
  • Ensure that clothing, etc. is Worker's Rights Consortium approved. This applies to contracts for goods providers for campus retail (University Bookstore).
by Spanbauer, Bradley R last modified Apr 17, 2014 03:07 PM

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