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Information and Learning Technology

Objective: Maximize use of learning technologies powered by renewable energy sources and reduce consumption of electricity.


  • Reducing energy consumption
    • Retrofit all campus servers to the most efficient system possible with a similarly efficient setup and ventilation system to reduce heating and cooling costs of the server rooms.
    • Ensure practical energy-saving settings are in place for typical cases in labs.
    • Purchase energy efficient equipment.
      • Continue to seek out the most energy efficient options when purchasing equipment.
    • Convert remaining CRT monitors to LCD.
    • Make power strips available, especially to residence hall students.
      • This also should entail an educational component about the importance of reducing energy consumption and how students can make easy changes in places like dorm rooms.
  • Printing
    • Set a lower limit on student printing to discourage waste and to reduce spending.
    • Re-investigate 100% recycled-content paper use for campus printers, and begin using where applicable.
  • Hybrid classes/online learning
    • Investigate classes that can be converted to hybrid or completely online.
      • This allows for the reduction in the number of students traveling to campus, reducing carbon emissions.
  • Recycling
    • Expand partnerships to properly recycle e-waste, such as the Apple recycling program.
    • Develop better systems for campus community members to have their e-waste recycled
      • Develop an online form
    • Hold an annual e-waste recycling day
      • This project should include cooperation from Academic Computing, Facilities, the Office of Sustainability, and students.
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