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Human Resources

Introduction: Human resources, in general, refers to the workforce of a business or establishment. The management of human resources is concerned with talent, demographics, and skill sets necessary to accomplish all of the duties of a given workplace. Human resources on a college campus is a very diverse group indeed, with instructional faculty of varying degrees, administrative staff, as well as staff that oversee daily campus operations. At UW-Oshkosh, the human resources management team works to encourage diversity and inclusiveness among the faculty and staff. An integral part of sustainability is social justice, basic human needs, and fairness, which are equally important in human resources management. As a campus that is deeply committed to sustainability, all employees should understand the definition of sustainability* and should make it a part of their job.** UW-Oshkosh provides an excellent work environment where employees feel safe and welcome as well as opportunities for individuals to reach their professional goals.

Since the previous plan: The original Campus Sustainability Plan drafted in 2007 did not include Human Resources as a key component. As part of this next edition, Human Resources and Sustainability will be brought together to ensure an understanding of sustainability among UW-Oshkosh’s faculty and staff. The plan will also address appropriate instances for sustainability language to be incorporated into job descriptions and core competencies.

Human Resources Goals

(Sustainability plan citations)

*Definition of Sustainability – (I think we need to come up with a definition that has the UW-Oshkosh seal of approval).
**UC-Merced set a goal as part of their campus sustainability plan to make sustainability a part of every employee’s job. They achieved this through outlined best practices which ensured that every employee understood the definition of sustainability and encountered ideas/situations which demonstrated the campus’ commitment to sustainability on a daily basis.
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