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Environmental Health & Safety

Objective: To ensure that practices regarding campus health and safety are compliant with the best and most recent standards.


  • Ensure that training for hazardous waste and biohazard waste is performed regularly and properly
  • Develop a better inventory of chemicals across campus (use "the cloud" system).
  • Assess and address adequate sharps containers in bathrooms/sporting events
  • Promote Health/Risk assessments for all employees
  • Develop a better reporting process for accidents and hazards (potentially using some kind of app or social media). Ensure better follow-up on accident reporting and prevention. (Risk Management Team collaboration)
  • Partner with Ignite, a student organization, to promote healthy choices and educate the campus about tobacco use.
  • Look into the use of ductless fume hoods and the appropriateness of their implementation
  • Increase the number of students with health insurance (estimated 30-35% uninsured)
  • Promote the Family Planning Waiver - (for females: women's health needs, reducing unplanned pregnancies, for males: STD testing)
  • Assess and address the UW-Oshkosh shooting range in the basement of Polk (Pb ammunition/problems associated with cleanup and disposal)
  • Partner with the City of Oshkosh to establish an on-campus "Drug Drop" for the campus community to properly dispose of medications, drugs, etc.
  • Increase awareness of counseling and mental health advocacy on campus
  • Increase the number of flu shots given
  • Increase students awareness and utilization of the "health advocates" on campus
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