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Construction and Major Renovation

Objective: Design, construct and renovate buildings to a rigorous, innovative sustainability standard seeking net-zero buildings.


  • Continue to require Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for all new construction with the goal to meet or exceed criteria for Gold Certification
  • Explore the potential to pursue a LEED Platinum and/or a net-zero energy building as opportunities arise with sufficient financing available
  • Establish specific targets for credits within LEED categories that will result in high performance buildings
  • Submit one pilot building for LEED Existing Building certification by 2014 to meet or exceed criteria for Gold Certification
  • Require LEED Existing Building certification for 20% of all existing facilities by 2020
  • Large renovation projects should at minimum comply with LEED Commercial Interiors or New Construction criteria at the Platinum certification level
  • Employ life cycle analysis (LCA) and full-cost accounting to evaluate all human and environmental costs and benefits (especially for negative externalities) over the entire life of each building project
  • Monitor the development of other sustainability and energy efficiency related rating systems to include net-zero energy, Passive House. Adopt best practices regarding sustainable building design and construction as they develop
  • Consider hosting workshops on green and alternative homes and living spaces to help pass on best practices to student body and the wider community

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