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Co-Curricular and Residence Life

Programs for students outside of the classroom can be equally as important for growth and development as knowledge learned within the formal curricular/classroom structure. While Reeve Union and student organizations offer numerous avenues for students to explore a range of interests and gain experience, co-curricular programming specifically Reeve_Union.jpgfocused on sustainability has not been well-developed. Although many existing programs and student organizations are related to sustainability, not all students have these experiences and much work remains in this area.

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Working to develop and highlight learning about sustainability through such programs will serve the university's mission and further institutionalize sustainability at UW Oshkosh.

Since the previous plan:

Awareness of sustainability across the campus community has not been strongly demonstrated. Programs associated with extra-curricular programming that have been implemented include the Eco-Reps, the Sustainability Office internship program, waste reduction events during move-in and move-out, and Recyclemania, a national waste management competition. Recommendations from the previous plan that were not implemented include Community Advisory sustainability program requirements, sustainability training for employees, and sustainability as an integral part of the first year experience and orientation programs.

The campus has been offering sustainability events every year for the past five years associated with the Earth Charter in fall and Earth Week in April. These events have been fairly successful, although adequate financial and personnel support has not been established. The campus has hosted state conferences related to sustainability, but other events such as athletics have not incorporated sustainability and a campus wide calendar of sustainability events, such as on a webpage, has not been implemented.

The Campus Sustainability Office has been integral in providing sustainability internships to students over the past five years. Other internship opportunities related to sustainability have included Fair Trade and Community Engagement interns. Recommendations that have not been completed are the development of service-learning opportunities by departments and student organizations. The use of off-campus university property has not been utilized for service learning and internship opportunities.

UW-Oshkosh has certainly raised itself as a leader in sustainability among campuses across the nation. Still, the campus mission for sustainability outreach could be improved. While the community at large has been invited to campus sustainability events, etc., the outreach to the community specifically has not been strong. Outreach efforts that were not completed from this plan include the installation of kiosks and campus signs highlighting campus sustainability efforts to the community, as well as the explicit use of sustainability efforts in general campus promotion materials.


Co-Curricular and Residence Life Goals

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(Student residence hall, Horizon Village, certified LEED Gold in 2013)

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