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Objective: To institutionalize sustainability through a shared vision and mission for true sustainability across campus.


  • Develop a shared vision of sustainability, that pervades institutional administration and decision making at all levels
  • Identify and adopt best management practices for sustainability governance, including:
    • Open and transparent flow of information
    • Administration/decision makers/governance willing to wrestle with the hard questions and tradeoffs of sustainability and to justify decisions in terms of sustainability
    • Mechanisms to ensure that sustainability is considered in campus decision-making
  • Clarify roles of different university constituents in sustainability governance (Campus Sustainability Director, Vice Chancellors, Campus Sustainability Council, Oshkosh Student Association)
  • Fulfill sustainability-related commitments made in the past (ACUPCC, Fair Trade, Earth Charter), and develop concrete plans to realize these commitments
  • Promote the UW Oshkosh campus as a living laboratory by providing administrative oversight for the seamless interaction of operations, teaching, research, and outreach
  • Engage with nationally recognized sustainability assessment mechanisms such as the AASHE STARS program or the Sustainable Endowment Institute
  • Develop a permanent office for the Campus Sustainability Initiative, including:
    • A physical space sufficient to meet present and projected needs
    • Staff sufficient to meet present and projected needs
    • Administrative support sufficient to meet present and projected needs.
  • Revise and update CSC bylaws to:
    • Reflect shared vision of sustainability
    • Broaden membership (athletics, faculty development, Foundation, IMC)
    • Clarify role of the CSC
  • Institutionalize roles for sustainability governance by having CSC bylaws approved by administration and all 4 governance groups (Faculty, Academic Staff, Classified Staff, Oshkosh Student Association)
  • Develop, enhance, and institutionalize opportunities to involve students in the governance and administration of university sustainability initiatives
  • Designate sustainability responsibilities for Administrators to institutionalize the university’s commitment to sustainability. (from 2008 Plan, Organization)
  • Update the Sustainability Director's job description to reflect responsibilities consistent with the new Campus Sustainability Plan.
  • Establish a sustainability endowment fund
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