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Managing Sustainability

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has made considerable progress toward building a sustainability infrastructure in the administration and organization of the university. One goal in the original Campus Sustainability Plan was to establish an organization capable of supporting campus sustainability initiatives as soon as feasible. Toward this goal, UWO formed a Campus Sustainability Council and hired a Director of Sustainability. The council meets regularly (bi-weekly), and the Campus Sustainability Director has been funded full-time since 2008. The new plan will build upon these accomplishments, both of which will continue to be cornerstones of UWO’s new plan for organizational and administrative capacity development and governance. Two unmet recommendations from the first plan will be carried forward to the new plan: designation of sustainability responsibilities for administrators and establishing a sustainability endowment fund.

Moving forward, the broad administrative objective in the new plan is to institutionalize sustainability across campus through a shared vision and strategic planning. Goals toward this end will be to integrate sustainability into UWO's strategic planning process, which includes Key Operational Plans and Master Planning.


Administration Goals

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