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2005: Taylor Hall Renovations

We like to call Taylor Hall our first "LEED-inspired" building!

2005: Received Energy Star Award

This award honors "organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through energy efficiency".

2004: Received National Wildlife Federation Award

2003: EPA Recognition

We were the eleventh university in the US to receive the EPA Leadership Award and the first Wisconsin university to join their Green Power partnership, receiving the Green Power Purchaser Award in 2003.

2001: Signed the Earth Charter pledge

Driven by Andy Robson, Associate Dean of Letters & Science, and approved by all 4 campus governance groups, the Earth Charter commits UWO to "respect and care for the community of life" by supporting 1) ecological integrity 2) social & economic justice and 3) democracy, nonviolence & peace. We host a Earth Charter community summit each fall to remind ourselves of these principles, examine our progress, and plan for even more improvements. Read more here...

2000: Environmental audits completed

Students took initiative, requesting environmental audits to create a baseline from which to improve. Chancellor Wells, Dean of Students Tom Sonnleitner, and Professor Steve Arndt were all supportive and this kicked off the operational efficiency phase of our sustainability story.

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