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Meet our staff

Current Staff

Brian Kermath - Sustainability Director

(920) 424-1191

Brad Spanbauer - Sustainability Coordinator

Kasey Stewart - Student Sustainability Intern, Environmental Studies (Ecology/Biology Emphasis)

I have a passion for a more sustainable food system. I am interested in how people use media to connect and share ideas how we can best leverage this to create a more sustainable and equitable future. Current projects: Real Food Challenge, web design & social media

Cody Umentum - Student Sustainability Intern, Environmental Engineering Technology

Sustainability on our campus is something that I am very interested and passionate in. It is my goal to pursue environmental issues on campus to progressively reduce our carbon footprint and help our school be more sustainable and conservative. I expect to continue my passion of campus sustainability, and incorporate it on larger level to have positive impacts both locally and worldwide after graduation. Current Projects: Reporting, Campus Waste Mitigation, Energy Data

Hunter Hart - Student Sustainability Intern, Environmental Studies (Policy & Values Emphasis) and Geography (Minor)

My main area of interest is water and land conservation due to my passion for the outdoors. Having further generations able to enjoy the same outdoor leisure that I have been fortunate to have is very important to me. Current Projects: Teaching Resources webpage, Virtual Tour

Mark Flyte - Student sustainability Intern

My current area of interest is energy consumption and finding ways in which we can reduce our amount of energy used and convert our existing energy use to be completely renewable energy sources. Current Projects: Campus Waste Mitigation, Solar Olympics

Ryan Deloge - Student Sustainability Intern, Environmental Studies (Science Emphasis) and Biology (Minor)

I have always loved the outdoors since I was little, so preserving wildlife and creating a sustainable future is very important to me. I have a passion for a green community and a green lifestyle. Current Projects: Green Office Certification, Sustainability in ResLife

Former Staff

Emily Husar Martin - Class of 2016

Cassandra Fowler - Class of 2016

Anna Schilcher (Now with Residence Life) - Class of 2017

Samara Hamze - Coordinator, Summer 2015 (Current Director of UWO STEM Outreach)

Coty Sorby - Sustainability Director for OSA, Class of 2015

Thomas Kenote - Class of 2015

Staphanie Peffer - Class of 2015

Heather Conroy - Class of 2015

Bridgette Weber - Class of 2014

Ashley Kraus - Class of 2013

Patricia Klabunde - Class of 2015

Steven Chesna - Class of 2013

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