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 Project Success Services

The Project Success program offers the following remedial and support services for all students enrolled in its program.

Organizational Tutors. Each new Project Success student is assigned to an Organizational Tutor (OT). The OT meets with the student a minimum of once per week to assist the student to understand the general nature and time frame of assignments in the student's courses. The OT also asks the student about information about test results and tries to keep up to date with the student's progress in the course. When the student is in need of additional tutoring, the OT helps the student find other Project Success tutors knowledgable in the subject area (e.g. mathematics or written expression).

Although the OT's job is to help the student succeed at the university by steering him or her to helpful resources, there are limits to the type and depth of assistance provided by OTs. For example, OTs DO NOT:

  • Contact students to remind them to go to class.

  • Contact students to remind them to use the services offered in Project Success if students avoid our office.

  • Check with professors to monitor student progress. Student progress is monitored at weekly meetings when the OT asks the student about test and assignment results.

  • Intervene in student disciplinary proceedings. Project Success students are required to abide by the same student conduct rules that all other UW Oshkosh students are expected to follow such as alcohol use and unscholarly behavior.

Ultimately, the student must take personal responsibility to monitor his or her own class progress and to act (or decide not to act ) on advice given by OTs and other Project Success staff.

Mathematics courses/tutoring. Many students who enter Project Success have difficulties meeting the university's mathematics requirements. Over 80% are required to take the university's non credit counting remedial algebra course, 67-100. Years ago, it became apparent that even this remedial course was too difficult for many of our students. Therefore, each fall we offer a preparatory mathematics course, Direct Instruction Algebra (16-099). The goal of this course is to provide the students with additional skills in algebra to enhance their chances for success in the 67-100 course, which we recommend taking during the spring semester immediately after taking the 16-099 course.

The Project also offers individual and small group tutoring in basic and advanced algebra courses. We strongly suggest that students obtain tutors early in the semester before falling so far behind that catching up is impossible.

Remedial Reading and Spelling Courses. All students are required to take the Project's Special Education-101course during their first semester in the program. The Special Education-101 course helps students apply what they have learned in the summer transition program to their college studies and focuses on reading and spelling skills. Organizational tutors who meet individually with students to deliver course content in Special Education 101 also help students with organizing their time, obtaining tutoing assistance through Project Success and other resources on campus, and scheduling classes for the next semester using the University's Titan Web system.

English/Written Expression courses/tutoring. Many students entering the Project Success program have difficulties with written expression. During the Summer Transition Program students receive instruction in written expression skills. The Project offers additiona tutoring support for students in their first year English classes. The Project also offers written expression tutoring labs daily. Tutors assist the student with the entire writing process from brainstorming ideas, organizing the material, to writing and editing the paper. The student is responsible for the content and writing, but the tutor's job is to teach the writing process to the student.

Content Area Tutoring. Project Success's tutoring program seldom focuses on content area tutoring. The main objective of Project Success tutors is to promote academic independence. Therefore, with the exceptions of mathematics and Spanish, the program does not hire course specific tutors. Rather we hire tutors with strong academic backgrounds, mostly junior, senior and graduate education majors, who teach students how to read, spell, write and study. At times, tutors do supply some content area background for students who need it, but the focus of every tutoring session is on assisting the student to learn how to study and achieve academic independence.

A note about taped textbooks: Although Project Success does not offer taped texts, students are not prohibited from using them. Student requesting taped texts are referred to the UW Oshkosh Disability Services office. Student requesting taped texts must provide documentation of disability, and if approved for electronic texts, the Disability Services office will assist the student with obtaining electronic versions texts that can be read by programs such as Key to Access and Kurzweil.

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