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Health Advocates

The Health Advocate program consists of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students who are trained on various health issues including alcohol use and abuse, sexual health, stress management, nutrition, colds and flu, first aid, etc. Health Advocates act as general health/resource mentors. As their name says, they're advocates of good health.

What kind of services do Health Advocates offer?

Health Advocates are available for general health information. They have bandages, common over-the-counter medicines such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc., thermometers, condoms, Band-Aids, etc. to handle minor health and first aid issues. They also have health and wellness brochures and handouts on current health and disease issues.  Health Advocates also travel around campus to provide tabling and education on various health topics.

How do I contact a Health Advocate?

Health Advocates are located in every residence hall. Talk to your CA or RHD to find their room and posted hours for when they are available.

Is it true that Health Advocates are helpful and understanding?

Yes. Health Advocates will listen to your concerns and provide you with resources where you can find help. Health Advocates are generally good listeners, and can provide options for your situation. All conversations are strictly confidential.

Do Health Advocates have any kind of special training?

Health Advocates at UW Oshkosh attend two weeks of training before the fall semester starts, as well as weekly lectures to stay current with college health. Some of the topics they are trained in include sexual health, first aid, cold/flu, stress management, and other behavioral health issues.

Can a Health Advocate diagnose my problem?

A Health Advocate cannot diagnose, but they can refer you to a provider who can.

Is it true that Health Advocates give out free condoms?

Health Advocates are here to educate you about your sexual health options. While they can provide condoms, their goal is also to educate students about having a sexual health plan. This includes understanding your options and knowing your available resources so that you are able to make informed decisions. Health Advocates can assist with this!

How can I become a Health Advocate?

Health Advocate positions are posted on Titan Jobs in March for the following academic year. For more information, contact Juliana Kahrs, Health Promotion Coordinator, at 920.424.4001 or .



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