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Medical Advice

In preparation for your child taking control of their own health care, discuss the following:

  • When is it appropriate to seek health care?
  • Health insurance coverage and importance of carrying health insurance card.
  • How to care for cold, flu and allergy symptoms, stressing that antibiotics are not always necessary.
  • How to eat healthy?
  • The importance of seven to eight hours of good sleep.
  • Young men need to know how/when to perform testicular exam.
  • Young women need to know how/when to perform breast self-exam.
  • All sexually active young adults should have routine STD testing.
  • All young adults should have their cholesterol/lipids checked by the age of 20.
  • All young adults should have their blood pressure checked annually.
  • Young adults should be aware of the signs and symptoms of mental health problems.



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