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Segregated Fee Committee Bylaws


The Segregated Fee Committee is responsible for recommending the maximum level of assessment of segregated university fees. The Committee will recommend to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs the allocable and non-allocable portions of segregated fees and will include a distribution of the non-allocable portion.

The non-allocable portion of the segregated fee will be determined by requests from the following units:

  • Reeve Union (Operations)

  • Titan Stadium

  • Student Health Center

  • Children’s Learning & Care Center (Amended 12/2/98)

Disposition of allocable segregated fees is recommended to the Chancellor by the Allocations Committee. The Segregated Fee Committee may deal with appropriate matters as they are related to segregated fees.


A.  This committee shall be comprised of seven (7) students, two (2) faculty, and two (2) academic staff members. Students shall be appointed by the Oshkosh Student Association; the faculty members by the Faculty Senate; and Academic Staff members by the Senate of Academic Staff.  (Amended 10/14/87)

B.  Officers: One student shall serve as the chairperson of the committee. Chairperson will be elected by majority vote of the committee in the spring semester fro the following academic year. The new chair will assume office at the next meeting following the election. (Amended 4/24/90)

One student shall serve as an assistant chair of the committee and shall be appointed by the chairperson, subject to approval by majority vote of the committee. (Amended 4/29/87)

In the event that the chairperson is unable to fulfill his/her term, the assistant chairperson will become the new chairperson, and appoint a new assistant chairperson. The assistant chairperson appointment will be subject to approval by majority vote of the present committee members. (Amended 4/29/87)

C.  Other members: At the most, four OSA Senators can serve on the committee at a time. (Amended 10/19/87)

D.  Students are appointed to one-year terms on the Segregated Fee Committee with eligibility for reappointment in subsequent years. Academic staff members are appointed to two-year terms. Faculty members are appointed to three-year terms. Faculty and academic staff terms will be on a staggered basis.  (Amended 10/14/87 & 4/24/90 & 10/24/01)

E.  Committee members who are absent from two consecutive regular meetings or who are absent from three of five consecutive regular meetings, and who have not offered for such absences, reasons acceptable to the chairperson, shall be designated by the chairperson as delinquent.

After the delinquent committee member(s) have been notified by the chairperson of their designation as delinquent, their names shall be place before all the committee members at any regular meeting. At that time, a vote of two-thirds of those present shall be sufficient to remove the delinquent committee member from the committee.


A.  Meetings shall be held according to a schedule established by the chairperson, and approved by a majority vote of the committee at the first meeting of the fall semester, to be held no later than October 31. (Amended 11/28/01)

B.  Special meetings not listed on the established schedule may be called on a two-day notice by the chairperson, or by a majority vote of the committee. All members must be notified via telephone and/or email at least a day in advance. (Amended 11/28/01)

C.  Quorum will exist when six (6) voting members are present. (Amended 10/25/87)

D.  When it is impossible for the committee to meet, the chairperson or adviser will contact each committee member by mail or e-mail, with a vote taken by mail or e-mail. A minimum number of ballots equal to quorum must be returned for an official vote to be recorded. A majority of returned ballots shall determine the outcome of the vote. (Amended 4/24/90 & 10/24/01)

Parliamentary Authority


Latest edition of Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure governs this committee.


These bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the committee, provided said amendments have been submitted to all committee members at least ten (10) days prior to the committee meeting in which they shall be considered.


These Bylaws shall be ratified by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Segregated Fee Committee.

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