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Campus Safety Resources

UW Oshkosh is committed to maintaining a safe and secure educational environment and continues to develop new programs and technologies to better protect the campus community.

Campus Safety Team

In an effort to make the campus safer and more secure, the University has initiated a campuswide emergency response team. Consisting of trained campus volunteers, the UW Oshkosh Safety Team supplements the University Police’s efforts by providing low-risk assistance during an emergency.


Campus Emergency Plan

UW Oshkosh notifies students of campus emergencies online via the University home page as well as a campus wide e-mail notification. An Emergency Procedures Guide recently was created and distributed throughout campus to help students, faculty and staff prepare for and respond to an emergency on campus.



Through the new TitanAlert system, current UW Oshkosh students, faculty and staff can sign up to receive emergency alerts and updates from the University via text messages to their cell phones.

Together with existing campus safety measures, this system will help to maintain a safe campus environment through timely and broad-reaching emergency notification. Registering for TitanAlert is the surest way for you to receive information critical to your safety and well-being.


University Police

The UW Oshkosh Police Department is dedicated to providing a safe environment conducive to personal growth and educational development. The staff of highly trained, professional state police officers patrols campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Community Service Officer (CSO) Program

In conjunction with the University Police Department and the Department of Residence Life, UW Oshkosh provides a Community Service Officer (CSO) program, which trains student employees to patrol campus, work night security in the residence halls and serve as police dispatchers.


CVPP Campus Violence Prevention Project

Several campus offices are available to help you deal with the impact relationship violence can have on you. If you have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic or dating violence, or stalking (repeated, unwanted attention from someone), you can get support from whatever office seems most appropriate to you.


Safe Walk Program

UW Oshkosh's Safe Walk program provides students with trained Community Service Officers to safely escort them on and around campus during the evening and night hours. The Community Service Officers are trained by the University Police Department.


Emergency Phones

Numerous blue light emergency phones, a direct link to the University Police Department, are located throughout campus for students in need of immediate assistance.


Titan Transit

Titan Transit, a student-led initiative, provides students and staff with an extended-hours and late-night bus service free of charge. Buses run for the 14-week semesters from 6 to 10 p.m., Monday through Wednesday and from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., Thursday through Saturday.


Residence Hall Security

For students living on campus, UW Oshkosh’s residence halls provide students with a number of safety measures. Residence hall entrance doors are locked or monitored at all hours of the day and night. To prevent fires, the residence halls prohibit certain items, such as candles, incense and halogen lamps. Also, rooms, hallways and public areas are equipped with smoke detectors, and fire drills are held each semester to ensure students understand the proper response in the event of a fire.


Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, students will be notified of class delays or cancellations via the University home page and a campus wide e-mail.