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East of Occidental
Emil Nolde
Episode 2: Fighting Back (1896 - 1917)
Episode 3: Don't Shout Too Soon (1917 - 1940)
Episode 4: Terror and Triumph (1940 - 1954)
Faces of the enemy
Famous Men Of Medical Science Dr Daniel Hale Williams & Charles Drew
Finding Your Roots "Ancient Roots"
Fires on the plain
Flowers and Troops (Hana to Heitai)
For A Woman
Forest Brothers: Baltic Partisan Warfare
Forgotten Warriors
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: President of the 20th Century
Freedom Fighters of Nili
From Democrats to Dictators, 1918–1939
Gallipoli: Churchill Dooms Allied Assault—1915
Garbo the spy
Woodrow Wilson
God on Trial
I. I. Rabi :Man of the Century
In the Shadow of Fear
Holding on, fighting back :long road home to Spain
Madame Chiang Kai Shek
Martha Gellhorn
We Heard the Bells The Influenza of 1918
The Air Force and the Atom BombAir Force Story, Volume 2, Chapter 1
Interwar Years :Evolution of Modern Warfare.Lesson 9
John Glenn Story
Maximum Effort, October 1943 :The Air Force Story
Global exchange :free trade and protectionism
Episode 1
Japanese Carved Cane, Kittery Telescope, Baker's Gold
Part 4,Looking Outward (18631915)
Part 5,In The Great Protector's Shadow (19131948)
Jean-Paul Sartre :road to freedom
Florida and the Bahamas :Globe Trekker
Franklin D. Roosevelt Addresses Americans on Maintaining Neutrality in World War II ca. 1939
Franklin D. Roosevelt Delivers His "Day of Infamy" Speech ca. 1941
Franklin D. Roosevelt Requests a Declaration of War against Japan ca. 1941
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin Meet at the Tehran Conference ca. 1943
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin Meet at Yalta ca. 1945
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Signs the Selective Training and Service Act ca. 1940
French School Children Run Gas Attack Drill ca. 1916
French Soldiers Charge from a Trench in World War I ca. 1916
French Soldiers Parade through the Arc de Triomphe ca. 1919
French Soldiers Search for Viet Minh Rebels ca. 1950
French Soldiers Take Taxis to Battle of the Marne in World War I ca. 1914
French Soldiers Use Mechanized Device to Dig Trenches During World War I ca. 1914
From D-Day to the Rhine
Günter Grass, Uwe Johnson, Reinhardt Lettau and Kay Boyle Discuss German Writing
General George C. Marshall :Soldier and Statesman
General Motors (GM) Strike Is Settled ca. 1946
General Omar Bradley
German Airplanes Await Dismantling ca. 1920
German Army Retreats in North Africa ca. 1942
German Lineage In Modern Dance :Wigman, Hoyer, Holm, Nikolais, Louis
German Teenagers Dance to Rock and Roll ca. 1956
German Troops Enter the Rhineland ca. 1936
Germans Surrender at Rheims ca. 1945
Germany Invades Poland ca. 1939
Great Britain Rations Chicken Feed ca. 1942
Great War Stories
Haile Selassie Pleads for Assistance from the League of Nations ca. 1936
Haile Selassie Returns to Ethiopia ca. 1941
Harry S. Truman Dedicates Preservation of Constitution and the Declaration of Independence ca. 1951
Harry S. Truman Takes the Oath of Office ca. 1945
Hirohito :Host Jack Perkins
Hiroshima :The Real History
Honi Coles and Cholly Atkins :Tap Dance
Honoring Civil Rights Hero Medgar Evers
Housewives Care for Children ca. 1953
How the Nazis came to power
I Was There :The Great War Interviews
Indian Refugees Flee Violence Following the Division of India and Pakistan ca. 1947
Iraqi Pipeline Is Opened ca. 1952
Isamu Noguchi :stones and paper
Istanbul City Guide :Pilot Guides
Japan under American Occupation
Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor ca. 1941
Japanese Fighter Planes Attack a U.S. Aircraft Carrier ca. 1944
Japanese Suicide Bombers Attack American Ships ca. 1945
Japan's Atomic Bomb
Japan's Killer Quake
Jimmy Murakami :Non Alien
John J. Pershing :The Iron General
Jordanians Celebrate Independence in Amman ca. 1946
Kawabata Yasunari :master of funerals
Korea :The Forgotten War
Kurt Vonnegut :so it goes
Last Letters From Stalingrad
Leni Riefenstahl
Lenin and His Legacy
Lessons of the Blood :Unit 731 and the Legacy of Biological Warfare
Lincoln White Speaks on the Necessity of Surveillance ca. 1951
London Underground
Manfred von Richthofen (the "Red Baron") Takes Off in a Triplane ca. 1917
Margaret Atwood :The Robber Bride
Marines Invade Iwo Jima ca. 1945
Maxine Hong Kingston on peace and war
Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle
Miners Sift for Diamonds in South Africa ca. 1959
Legends of Rhythm and Blues
In Memoriam
Midnight in Paris
Into Battle.Episode 2
Fueling the Fire
Man and Machine
Magazine industry
Germany :The Border in My Heart
Jazz.Part 1.Gumbo
Jazz.Part 7.Dedicated to Chaos
Hap Arnold
Jimmy Doolittle
Jimmy Stewart
Making the World Safe for Democracy
Episode 1
Episode 2
Manuel Avila Camacho's Six-Year Term :National Unity
Firefighting! Extreme Conditions
Jet Engines
Eiffel Tower
Offshore Oil Drilling
Fighting for the Four Freedoms
Inside the Imperial War Museum
Inside the Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Families of American Soldiers Arrive in Berlin ca. 1946
Family Celebrates a Child's Birthday at Home ca. 1937
Family Rides in a Studebaker Station Wagon ca. 1954
Flappers :birth of 20th-century woman
Flight Lands at Los Angeles International Airport ca. 1965
Mussolini Bust Is Destroyed ca. 1945
Mustafa Kemal Leads Turkish Nationalists ca. 1920s
Myth makers :John Ford and John Wayne
Nazis Parade Down Champs-elysees in Paris ca. 1940
New York, 1945-2000 :The City and the World
Newsreel Explaining Gasoline Rationing ca. 1942
No Greater Heritage
Norman Mailer :My Life
Nuremberg :Tyranny on Trial
Nurses Tend to Infants During the Baby Boom ca. 1947
Officials Dedicate Zapata Offshore Oil Company Rigs ca. 1957
Order of Leopold, Suffragette Pennant, Warner Brothers Cartoon
Our People, Our Traditions
Pacific Islands - Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands :Globe Trekker
Parisians Celebrate Armistice Day ca. 1918
Pearl Harbor :legacy of attack
People Drive Cars on a Congested Los Angeles Highway ca. 1969
People Drive Cars on Mountain Roads ca. 1950s
People Power
People Visit New Houses in the Suburbs ca. 1950s
Pharmaceutical Industry Workers Produce and Package Penicillin ca. 1944
Philippe Petain Meets with the Vichy Government ca. 1940
Phosphorescent Grenades are Used During World War I ca. 1918
Photographer :Lodz Ghetto Through the Lens of Walter Genewein
Picasso and His Gang
Police Clash with Union Strikers ca. 1920s
Post-War Hopes, Cold War Dreams
Post-War Music :After the Wake
Post-War Safety Film Depicts Responsibilities of the "Man of the House" ca. 1948
Science in ActionSubmarines
Winning Against Odds
Prelude to War, 1937-1939 :The Air Force Story
Propaganda Wars :Japan and U.S.-The Battle for Hearts and Minds
Prophets and Poets :Southern Literature, 1941-1962
Protestors Demonstrate against Hunger in Washington, D.C. ca. 1932
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Juliana of the Netherlands Signs the Decree Granting Indonesian Independence ca. 1949
Radio Announcer Reads into a Microphone ca. 1950s
Recording History
Reforming the International Monetary Fund
Refugees Flee East Germany before the Berlin Wall Is Built ca. 1961
Remembering & Understanding.Part 1
Remembering Fred Friendly :Changing the Face of TV News
Resources and Scarcity
Reverend Billy Graham Preaches in London ca. 1954
Rhythms in Poetry
Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev Sign the SALT I Treaty ca. 1972
Poland Rediscovered Krakow, Auschwitz, and Warsaw
Rise! :(1940-1986)
Robin Olds
Romans to Normans
Rome City Guide :Pilot Guides
Roosevelt vs. Stalin
Ruben Dario
Rum Running
Russ Dougherty
Russian Women Train in the Woman's Battalion of Death ca. 1916
Rwanda :After the Genocide
Safe Havens.Part 1
Samurai Japan
Dear Home Letters From World War I
Sos Save Our Ships
1950S And '60S
Shanghai :Paradise for Adventurers-Legendary Sin Cities
Silent and Deep
Six European Countries Establish the European Common Market ca. 1958
Sleeping Tigers :The Asahi Baseball Story
Soldiers Fight at the Battle of Verdun ca. 1916
Soldiers Fight in Algerian War of Independence ca. 1954
Soviet Troops Fight Nazis at the Battle of Stalingrad ca. 1942
Spanish Flu :H5N1's Deadly Ancestor
Spirits of the state :Japan's Yasukuni shrine
Stalin Addresses the Soviet Army ca. 1941
Stalin and Hitler :The Confrontation
Stolen Secrets
Suburban Families Enjoy Modern Conveniences in Automobile Advertisement ca. 1958
Suburban Family Swims in a Pool ca. 1953
Superpowers collide
Supporters of Voting Rights for Women Carry Signs Supporting Woodrow Wilson ca. 1910s
Survivors from the Sinking of the RMS Lusitania Are Brought Ashore ca. 1915
Survivors of World War II Forage in Berlin ca. 1948
T.R. and His Times
Taken by the Romans
Taking the Offensive :INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications (Firm)
Tale of Two Cities
Tanganyika Declares Independence ca. 1961
Empire of Crime
Targeting terror
George Takei Why I love a country that once betrayed me
Paul MacCready Nature vs Humans and What We Can Do About It
Teenagers Drive Cars through an Obstacle Course ca. 1950s
Teenagers Share a Milkshake ca. 1953
Tele-Clear Television Antennas Advertised ca. 1950s
Television history
THC Classroom.Remembering World War II - Adolf Hitler, Man and Myth
The "White Australia" Policy :Constraining the Servile Races-Immigration Nation
The 1920s...Beyond the Glitter :INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications (Firm)
The '20s :From Illusion to Disillusion
culture of survival
The Armenian genocide
The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
The Assassination of King Alexander
The Assassination of Lord Louis Mountbatten
The avant-garde of the 1920s
The avant-garde of the 1920s
The Battle of Verdun
The Berlin Blockade Ends 1949
The Bielski brothers
The Big Picture :42nd Rainbow Division
The Big Picture :Alaska -- The Outpost State