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A-4 Sky Hawk
The century fighters
F4U Corsair
P-38 Lightning
The F-5 Freedom Fighter
A7 Corsair II
SR-71 Blackbird
The F-104 Star Fighter
P-47 Thunderbolt
F-15 Eagle
The Boeing Company
Mustangs and spitfires
Marilyn Monroe
Before the white man
Gonesse, Paris, France
Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California, United States of America :Huntington, Cambridgeshire, England, U.K
Heaton, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
U.S. Marines barracks, Beirut International Airport, Lebanon
Watergate Hotel, Washington D.C., United States of America
Rancho Sante Fe, San Diego, California, United States of America
Bhopal, India
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States Of America (Union)
Republic of Cuba, North Caribbean Sea
Lockerbie, Scotland, United Kingdom
Kostnice Ossuary Beinhaus, Czech Republic
Watts district, Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Mount St Helens, Washington State, United States of America
North West of Sumatra, Indian Ocean
Westerplatte Penninsula, Gdansk harbour channel, Poland
Near Munich, Germany
New London, Texas, United States of America
University of Texas, Austin, Texas, United States of America
Pearl Harbour, Oahu, Hawaii, United States of America
Suez Canal, Egypt
F-14 Tomcat
Amelia Earhart and Jackie Cochran
Aircraft carriers & the Hellcat
Submarine power
Dealey Plaza, Dallas
Live at Broadway Dance Center :floorwork
Live at Broadway Dance Center :Latin fusion
Basic ballet.Volume 6
The rings
Buried alive
Codename tank
Secret trench
Man and horse
Tiler Peck :from competitions and Broadway to New York City Ballet
Lourdes Lopez :on being a Balanchine dancer
Ted Brandsen :managing the Dutch National Ballet
Charity De Loera :breaking into broadway
Do they feel my shadow?
Barnardo boy
Silent witness
Highland warrior
Marriage Egyptian style
Flamenco :the world of Paco Peña
The New Dance Group gala historical concert :retrospective 1930s - 1970s
Journey to the interior
Fast attack boats
Aircraft carriers
The machine gun
The man who designed the spitfire
The battleship
Midget submarines
Desert Storm scudbusters
Destroying Hitler's airfields
Retaking the Falklands
Liberating the Iranian embassy
From Russia - for Omagh :the Chorus of the Kirov Opera St. Petersburg in concert at the Sacred Heart Church Omagh
Escape from red Berlin
Escape from Dunkirk
From the ground up
The man who stood up to Hitler
Summer of the bomb
China shall have our help
The powers of congress
Pathé presents Al Smith and Joe Robinson, the democratic nominees of 1928
Pathe news
Pan American bazaar
Our town today
Our Texas heritage
On the firing line
News 4
Nathaniel Hawthorne
The machine :master or slave
Life in the central valley of California
Jefferson and Monroe
History in the making :your ringside seat at World War 2
Golden Gate Bridge opening
Feeding the world :a film lesson in vocational guidance
County of contrasts :Ulster County, New York
Cities :how they grow, second edition
The power to serve
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Making of a newspaper
John Doe :citizen politician
Diary of a mountain girl, 1927-1939
Beatrice foods' news report from around the world
A day in Congress
Deadline for action
Both sides of the question
Century of Progress Exposition :wings of a century
A Century of Progress Exposition.Part 1 :around the fair with Burton Holmes
Censorship :a question of judgment
Pipeline to the Arctic
The open road
Midwest holiday
D-day minus one
Your social security
World's Fair report with Lowell Thomas
Southwestern states
Safety at sea
Birth of the B-29
Barry Goldwater speaks out
The civilian serves
The Whiskey rebellion
Chateau Thierry and the Aisne-Marne operation
Calls in the Caribbean :introduction to Haiti
The Baltimore plan
Escape from Colditz
Barbarians at the gate
Centre of the cosmos
Making a skyscraper :Empire State Building
The mail :a story of the United States Postal Service
Freedom and power
First Americans past and present
Christopher Columbus
Escape from Apollo 13
Escape from Alcatraz
Dateline :Long Island
Coney Island
The Gunpowder Plot
Drifting through the Rockies
Army-Navy screen 43 :G.I. Bill of Rights
The American Indian :how he earns a living
American cowboy
The mad Ohio
The mystery of the Iron Bridge
The free French forces
The Chindits
The Royal Navy
Louise :d'après le roman musical
Lucia di Lammermoor :tragische Oper in drei Akten
Norwegian resistance fighters
The Paras and Commandos
RAF fighter command
The free Polish forces
Special Operations Executive
The Waffen SS
Special Air Service
Lesley Garrett live at Christmas
To the furthest corners of the globe
The trailblazers
Wings over the sea
High above the trenches
Madcaps and oddballs
Anyone can fly
Embracing the world - civil aviation post 1945
Man learns to fly
The parachute story
Angels of mercy
Struggle for the skies
The shadow of the bomber
Naval aviation
Korea to the Gulf War
The helicopter story
The coming of the jets
The great debates
John Lennon
Ellis island
Woodrow Wilson
Knute Rockne
Modern marvels :the Statue of Liberty
Man, moment, machine.Lincoln & the flying spying machine
JFK & the crisis crusader
Man, moment, machine.Howard Hughes and the Spruce Goose
Clifford P. Case
Edwin A. Locke, Jr
82nd Airborne Division
The Army and Vietnam
Probe and pursue
I am a soldier
America on the move
Big picture highlights
Army aviation
Pan-American expo
Opening, pan-American expo
Broadway & Union Square, New York
Harry C. Byrd
Hale Boggs
Stephen J. Springarn
George A. Smathers
Walter J. Kohler Jr
Anna Lord Strauss
Henry F. Grady
Lemuel C. Shepherd Jr
James A. Farley
William Benton
Willy Ley
John S. Fine (1952)
Frank C. Pace Jr
George A. Smathers
Daniel A. Poling
W. Averell Harriman
James E. Van Zandt
Norman Thomas
Lewis Webster Jones
Mohammed Ali
Johnston Murray
Emmanuel Celler
John C. Stennis
Robert L. Johnson
John J. Sparkman
Ralph E. Flanders
James P. Richards
Luther H. Evans
Bernard M. Shanley
Honorable Clifford Case
Bernard Tompkins
John L. McClellan
Anthony Nutting
H. Alexander Smith